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Friday, July 23, 2021

2016 Archived Blogs

The following are past  2016 BLOGS.  Some are, in certain ways, 
somewhat  "outdated"  due to where we're at in these  end of days.
This current decade is quite different from the past decade.  Given 
we addressed specific current affairs in 2016, ones no longer taking
place today, some topics are no longer as applicable.  Please do note,
however, the Bible Truths highlighted below continue to provide most
pertinent insight for life in Jesus Christ today.  
Thank you for visiting Endurance Ministries' 2016 ARCHIVED BLOG Page.

2016 Archived Blogs

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1st Quarter Blogs

 of 1/4-8  (B1;16)

A Word About Our 2016 Blogs

We praise God for His leading in our ministry since 2000.

Because He has called us to be "cutting edge" in nature, please
accept the following "scope-of-blog-ministry" explanation:

We are "pioneering" in one sense of our ministry efforts.  The "new"
end-time ministry ideas we are bringing the first two decades of our
service are so new to most that it took a while for our messages
to be received.  Now that many of our messages (though not all)
have been (received by those who want to hear what the Bible 
actually teaches and who wish to discern present culture thereby),
we need to bring the following qualifiers as we begin our 2016
blog ministry ...

1.  We affirm ALL of our prior chronological  (Click Here)  and
     thematic  (Click Here  for present end-time realities ; Click Here
     for future projections)  appeals.  As end-time Ambassadors of
     Jesus Christ, we are committed to  HIS  Truths  not  our own.
     As a result of our heralding His Truths, our messages are most
     truthful - that is, they are, by His grace, faithful to His Word.

 2.  In seeking to be lights to churches and pastors, we need to stay
      on the "cutting-edge" fronts.  This means we will minimize the
      parroting of, what now has become, the obvious (e.g., we live
      in the very end of days just prior to our Lord's initial appearing, 
      days where the THEMES of  deception, rebellious apostasy,
      personal idolatry 
and persecution of the faithful in Jesus
are unfolding globally).  Review other examples predicted
      almost 2000 years ago in II Tim. 3:1-5. 

3.  In light of our very different platform - different than many of the
     popular end-time positions yet most Bible-affirming in chronological
     position - we will be addressing CRUCIAL topics which will be
     emerging soon - during the years of 2016 - 2020.  We make these
     "pioneering" appeals due to the NEED to be better prepared for
     what's ahead.  We proclaim these "calls to the Church" in light of
     our Lord's mandate that His Church be prepared/sober as we
     further prepare to enter into the eschatological period the Bible
     calls, "The Day of the Lord.

We make these prophetic appeals  1) because God has commissioned
us to do so  and,  2) in response to the LOVE He has graciously given
us for His Church.  May He be glorified in our labors of tough love.

Dear God Who Provides.  Thank You for Your generous provisions to
Your Bride, the Church.  Thank You for your protective Counsel.  Help
us, Lord, to listen to You as we should.  Open our eyes as we ponder
Your Word.  Embolden us to be all that You've called us to be during
this time of awesome Kingdom opportunity!  And help us to praise You
during the difficult moments (as opposed to cursing You like so many
will be doing as Your righteous judgments are lovingly extended)!


Week of 1/11-15  (B2;16)

Dangerous End-Time Teachings Within Some Churches - Part 1

My wife continues to be edified by true women of faith.

In Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth's (Mary Kassian co-authors) True 
Woman 201; Interior Design
  (2015; Moody Publishers), Nancy writes:

   I (Nancy) recently came across a survey of sixteen- to twenty-nine-
   year-old  church outsiders  who make no profession of faith.  Eighty-
   four percent of them said, "I'm not a Christian, but I know somebody
   who is."  However, of those 84% who knew a Christian, only 15%
   said they could see any lifestyle difference between themselves
   and those Christian."   (pg. 233)

We sincerely do live in a day where expressions of  the cult of
unbiblical grace - see blog B21;15
 - flourish.  In a recent devotional 
time with Nancy (my wife), we read Philippians together.  WOW!  
This book affirms a living, saving faith by grace alone - one which 
calls for the living out of God's ONGOING grace in our lives as we 
abide in His Son and walk in His precious Holy Spirit.  In this, God 
is praised ... and others  SEE  our faith as God intends!

In the context of calling the Church to REPENT of its failures - in
this concern of living out the life He began in us (Phil. 1:6)  AND
in the context of "end-time" address - I close this blog with another
short devotion from another  woman of faith  which Nancy (again,
my wife) is also currently reading:   (And I quote ...)

He Finished--Have You?            December 11

Every Bible student who believes the prophecies knows that Jesus'
coming is very near.  The important, urgent thing is that every child
of God must be  prepared  for that day.  That is possible for every-
body.  Jesus finished all that had to be done for us on the cross.  He
died for us and rose again and is with the Father, where he prays for
us.  By his Holy Spirit he is even in us.  If you know you are  not
, confess your sins and claim God's forgiveness for Jesus'
sake.  Forgive others by the power of the Holy Spirit in you.

     Because ... you have a hope like this before you, I urge you to
     make certain that such a Day would find you at peace with God
     and man, clean and blameless in His sight."   2 Peter 3:14; Phillips

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you are willing to prepare me to meet
you, whenever that will be.

(pg. 226 of  Each New Day  by Corrie ten Boom; emphases ours)

Yes, thank You Christ Jesus!  May You continue to do that good work
in us as we abide in You and walk in Your Spirit.  Help us, we pray, to
humble ourselves and confess when we need to do so, for we do not
want to emulate pride like that of the devil.  Instead, may we walk as
humble Children in You, dear Lord Jesus.  May we follow in the footsteps
of the sinner of Luke 18:9-14 (in blatant contrast to the self-righteous
one who left his prayer time unjustified before Your Father, Almighty
).  In this, God Most High, be honored, glorified and praised.  In
Jesus Christ's sweet name.  Amen


Week of 1/18-22  (B3;16)

On  John 3:16 & Saving Faith

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal

life.  For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the
world, but that the world through Him might be saved.  He who
believes in Him is not condemned, but he who does not believe is
condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of
the only begotten Son of God.  And this is the condemnation, that
light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than
light, because their deeds were evil.  For everyone practicing evil
hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should
be exposed.  But he who does the truth comes to the light, that
his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.  
John 3:16-21 ; emphases ours)

In this, the greatest of all sacrifices through mankind's existence -
Jesus Christ's atoning work through His shed blood on the cross -
God's love is shown:  "But God demonstrates His own love toward
us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."  (Rom. 5:8)

We need to remind folks that while EVERYONE has "everlasting life,"
most will go to the Lake of Fire and spend their eternal existence 
there - in separation from God and all the glorious beauties which
are found only in Him.  Satan, on the other hand, is everything the 
world disdains ... at least is discerned as the dark one by those who
measure all things by God's light.  But, dear friends, the Lake of Fire
IS, by those who are in the (Truthful) know, a place of everlasting pain
and sorrow.  NO ONE will want to be there, especially after they arrive
and know, first hand, exactly what the  second death  is like.  But recall:
It will be too late to change following one's physical death.  One's eternal
existence is determined during the days prior to one's first death.

God's love for humanity allows  all  to escape the consequence of
rebellious sin - eternal death - through His Son's provision.  You see,
it's only through the blood of the Lamb that sin before God is forgiven.
Good works have nothing to do with forgiveness before Holy God.
That's what makes the heresy of a works' salvation so hideous ... so
deceptive.  Human works, of any kind, never deal with (absolve - that
is, free us from) sin!  As a result, we cry out:  Please, "be reconciled
to God" through Jesus Christ!  Do so today.  CLICK HERE  for Truthful
expressions of His plan of salvation.

(All of the above Bible passages are taken from the NKJV.)

Dear Father God.  THANK YOU for Your dear Son and the eternal 
provision He lovingly made on our behalf.  We PRAISE You, oh God
Most High.  Thank You for saving us for Your glory and praise, through
eternity, yes, but also for saving us to be instruments of Your glory and
praise while we live out our new life in Christ following our new birth.
YES, thank You for Galatians 2:20!  Thank You that You graciously
accomplish deeds in our lives (as we walk in Your Spirit; as we abide
in Your Vine) that others SEE.*  May the Spirit of Your dear Son use
even these things to bring others to Yourself.  Dear from-everlasting-
to-everlasting YHVH God, THANK YOU for John 3:16!  In Jesus 
Christ's name we pray and give You praise.  Amen

* On other’s “seeing,” please revisit Mt. 5:16; John 3:21; 
   Romans 12:17; James 2:18.                                                              


Week of 1/25-29  (B4;16)

Sufficient Grounds  And  Discerning The Times

Did you catch  Star Wars: The Force Awakens ?  And did you get
to the theater in time to view the new movie trailers highlighting
scenes of films coming out later this year?

It's AMAZING!  Just think about it, please.  The strong majority
of films coming out soon* -
 ones that were advertised when we
visited the theater anyway - are emphasizing END TIME themes!  
It's no wonder, for the world (which is deceived and bound by 
darkness) is actually increasing its bold promoting of the dragon's 
(satan's) bidding.

I'll use but one of the movie trailers as an example to warrant 
the above:

Independence Day: Resurgence  is scheduled to be released in 
theaters this summer.  This film is yet another HUGE deceptive 
conditioning trap.  This example itself evidences continued large-
screen indoctrination.  It's worthy to note that (unlike some of the
other movies which are also shouting end-time messages - e.g.,
The 5th Wave)  Independence Day: Resurgence  has an older
, one birthed in 1996 and initially called  ID4 Independence
.  Even this older epic adventure is clear in its agenda.  "How 
so?"  one might ask.

Are you sitting down?

Here's a  crescendo moment  in the 1996 film:

The President of the United States of America brings a motivational
speech to the army which had gathered to destroy the more power-
ful, the more technologically advanced ET invaders.  Listen  to what
he says ...

"Good morning ... In less than an hour ... you will once again be 
fighting for our freedom - not from tyranny, oppression or persecu-
tion, but from annihilation.  We're fighting for our right to live ... to
exist ... and should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer
be known as an American holiday but as the day when the world
declared in one voice:  'We will NOT go quietly into the night!  We
will NOT vanish without a fight!!'  We're going to live on; we're
going to survive.  Today we celebrate our Independence Day.

WOW!  This spiritual conditioning - for an end-time event coming
soon - is clear.  Darkness (in both spiritual and physical planes) is
teaching the viewers of the film to  fight  when the Divine Invader
(Jesus Christ) appears in order to battle the satanically driven
army of the earth.  (Read about this battle in Revelation 19.)

And what will the earth dwellers do when "the sign of the Son of
Man" (see Mt. 24:30; Rev. 6:14-17) takes place?

They will do just what they've been brainwashed to do:  FIGHT ...
FIGHT the heavenly threat!  Yes (although their initial response is 
that of  fear - Rev. 6:16, 17), the prior big-screen education - like 
the spirit-of-antichrist conditioning in  Stigmata  (1999) - will kick in.
They will continue in bound deception and eventually act out the 
lie which teaches  independents [n; pl.] from Jesus Christ will 
"live on ... they will 
survive"  independent of Almighty God.  
The sincere Truth:  This lie won't take place.

It's amazing how deceptive eternity's archenemy is!  At this
juncture, the dragon (the devil) is in full-scale warfare against
God and His Saints in Jesus Christ.  Satan's deceit is now even
more openly blatant.  The deception cannot be missed ... at 
least by those who still listen to YHVH God by reading His
script of prophetic events.

But that's only part of the deception.  The earth dwellers are so
deceived by the chains of darkness that they even think they are
doing God's service by killing God's very own.  (John 16)

They are so blinded by the dark one  and  by willful rebellion
against Creator God (having rejected the love of the truth - yes,
the love of God in Jesus Christ - that they might be saved) that
they impulsively do the evil of their master - again, the dark
dragon himself.

To those who have an ear to hear:  PLEASE listen to God, for
our eternal state (of existence) is hanging in the balance.  Read 
His Word!

Fairest Lord Jesus, help us discern Truths forever settled in
heaven.  Help us understand You are coming back soon to
rescue the world - if members thereof would receive it! - from 
the dark captivity in which it has been deceived into accepting
and  to which is runs (John 3:16-21; esp. verses 19, 20).  In 
Your mercy and grace, may Your Divine light so illumine our
paths that darkness has no significant, lasting effect - even
through fiery furnaces.  Lord, though many of us will be killed,
may we accept Your abundance knowing You will take us
immediately Home.  Help us to  sincerely  (actively) believe
You - that not a hair on our heads will be lost (Luke 21:7-19).

THANK YOU, Lord Jesus, for the honor of participating in 
Your sufferings, for You have told us that we must, through
many tribulations, enter the Kingdom of God.  May Your
Father - our Father - be glorified in these upcoming true
statements of active faith ... through our lives as living
sacrifices for Your good pleasure.  Lord God:  May we
(those of us who are highlighted in Rev. 6:11 - the  rest
of their fellow servants) be faithful to the end (Mark 13:13).
You are so very good to Your own!  We bless and praise
Your holy name dear Father God.  In the name of Your
Son in Whom You are well pleased ... in Jesus Christ's
name we pray.  Amen

*  Some of the films promoting crucial end-time themes include:

   The Care Bears Movie  of 1985 (yes, synergistic conditioning 
                                         also takes place at very early ages too!)
   The 5th Wave
   X-Men: Apocalypse
   Captain America:  Civil War
   Gods of Egypt
et al. 

   We shouldn't neglect examples of the shaping of worldview 
   perspective which take place via TV series - e.g.,  Colony.


 Week of 2/1-5  (B5;16)   [ FB ]

God-Honoring  End Time  Faith-Based Life Action

Power outages happen!

When they occur, here are two (of multiple) options as to attitudes
which spring forth in response to the outages:  [Note: The two
attitudes we're highlighting below differ RADICALLY!]

1.  "Grrrrrrrr" (and possibly then some), accompanied by 
      complaint of inconvenience initially  BUT  then it turns
      into grumbling - possibly even extending to this degree:
      "Lord, WHY have you done this to us!?" - when the power
      outage is  longer  in duration.


2.  "Thank You, Lord!  Thank You in that You graciously allow
      us a dose of what it will be like in the days ahead"  -  days
      which bring on more frequent and extended-in-length 
      power outages.

Question:  Which of the two attitudes is much better to embrace?

Be forewarned:  An increase in power outages is indeed just 
around the corner.

Adequate  PREPARATION  is this context is wise.  Wisdom would
also lead us to be  prepared  in ALL categories of life - including the
physical, mental and spiritual domains.

It's time for a helpful illustration:

Inadequate FAITH says:    "I believe one day the increase in power
                                               outages will be most impactful on our
                                               lives"  BUT  does not  ACT  upon the
                                               belief.  So:

                   Action:  NONE (no deeds in response), leading to a 
                                  state of ill-preparedness (when outages occur)!


  FAITH says:           "I believe one day the increase in power
                                               outages will be most impactful on our
                                               lives."  But this one does  ACT  upon 
                                               the belief.  So:  

                   Action:  Deeds communicating sincere belief, acts which
                                  bring about the gathering of provisions so when
                                  these times unfold, these days do not come upon
                                  them unexpectedly.  These will be "ready" (in the
                                  context of provisional readiness) as our Lord Jesus
                                  has so Counseled.  This kind of FAITH sounds like
                                  the faith expressed in Heb. 11 & James 2 - faith
                                  which acts out.

And what are the  CONSEQUENCES  of each perspective and life-
action (or lack thereof) to the beliefs held (when, for example, the
power goes out)?

Unprepared:   In the dark (due to lack of an active faith)
Prepared:        In the light (due to adequate belief which led
                            to actions - e.g., prayer, further seeking (and
                            heeding!) His Counsel, acquiring batteries,
                            candles and a generator perhaps)

And there are  SPIRITUAL  Truths also tied to this light/dark
experience!  So  think  (biblically)  on these things,  for your
best interest (at the very least), please.  But we'd suggest going
the  second mile:  Let's act upon this Bible theme of  preparedness
for other's sake (not just for our own - Phil. 2) ... unto God's glory
and praise!

Some CRUCIAL questions emerge:

So which view above really does  believe  in the stated conviction
that power outages will one day unfold?

Which view is hypocritical and which view acts out belief?

And what about for  YOU, personally?

In which camp would you like to be found by the One to Whom
we will all one day give account?

Dear Father Who Provides.  Thank You for providing Your
generous Counsel as to how You want us to live in these days
prior to Your holy Son's initial appearing.  We know You will
provide for us - those of us who revere/fear You and who take
You and Your Counsel seriously.  Please help us, in YOUR
strength, to PREPARE as You want us to.  Help us to live out
our beliefs whereby they are not idle thoughts but are tied to
evidences of a living faith, similar to the awesome evidence
of saving faith by those who are mentioned in Hebrews 11.
And, dear Savior Who has provided our salvation in and
through Your Son alone, help us to look to Him for day-by-
day Counsel from above.  Yes, help us to look to Your
Author and Finisher of our faith.  In Jesus Christ's name,
unto Your glory and praise we pray.  Amen

P.S.   Dear reader:  In honor of the FULL Counsel of God's 
          precious Word, please take "balance steps" by reading
          (and heeding) the books of Romans and Galatians.   One
          MUST first be  born again  in Jesus Christ before moving
          into the next life chapter where one further conforms to the
          image of Christ ... where one is  justified by  God-produced
          fruits within ... yes, by  works, and not by (action-less)
          faith alone.  
See James 2:14-26.                                              


Week of 2/8-12  (B6;16)

Honoring God's FULL Message In Christ

WHY do we, on occasion, find "problem passages " in the Word 
of God?  In part, because we do not always walk in the Proverbs
3:5,6 perspective when it comes to rightly dividing the Word of
Truth.  We use reason and the theological systems of man as our
foundation of truth - even to the extent of denying clear biblical
Truths due to our incorrect commitments to unbiblical Christian
traditions.  But our Lord Jesus hated this - see Mt. 15:1-20.  So,
too, should we.

My wife and I recently watched The Hiding Place  together.  Before 
her Home-going, Corrie ten Boom produced some helpful resources 
for God's people living in the days when persecution and deception 
are on the increase.  Corrie, in one of her books, addresses one of 
the commonly accepted traditions in the devotional read below.  
We'll leave it in your capable hands to discern just what concern 
it is that we are highlighting in this blog.

"Born and Filled Again"                                         December 20

Many Christians think that when they are born again that is the end.
I once spoke about the strong challenge of the Beatitudes and how
we can live a victorious life if we hunger and thirst after righteousness.
Victory means a surrender of self from head to foot, again and again.
I asked a dear Christian woman what her answer was [to this issue of
ongoing life in Christ].  She said, "I surrendered twelve years ago when
I accepted Jesus as my Savior."  But the Bible says, "Be filled with the
Holy Spirit."  A newborn baby has to grow.

I have known the Lord Jesus for eighty years.  As I studied the Bible in
writing these messages, I had to surrender and be cleansed and filled
again and again.

     I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.
                                                             John 10:10  RSV

We praise you, Lord Jesus, that you not only gave us life when we
were born again but your Word and your Holy Spirit also make us 
grow into the life abundant.

(Taken from  Each New Day  by Corrie ten Boom ; 2013 ed.)

In conclusion ...

Thank You, heavenly Father, for the FULL Counsel of Your Word.
We praise You that you continue to graciously do Your good work
in us unto Your good pleasure.  And THANK YOU, Father, that YOU
are exalted as You, in Your abundant mercy and grace, receive glory
and praise - credit - as YOU move in our lives.  Thank You for the 
insight in Ephesians 2:8,9 & 10.  In Jesus Christ's holy name we
pray.  Amen

P.S.   How does this relate to "end time" things?  Read the second
          and third chapters of The Revelation of Jesus Christ and 
          Matthew 24 & 25 in the New Testament for starters.   The
          basis of our acceptance before GOD in these passages
          may surprise you!  
And please be faithful to the context:  
          JESUS CHRIST  is the One stating the standard of measure-
          ment/judgment in these chapters - Mt. 25, Rev. 2 & 3.


Week of 2/15-19  (B7;16)

Calling A Spade A Spade:  Getting Around The  church
To Communicate The Most Clear Biblical Evidence

There is no doubt, in light of  biblical  data, the deceived, compromised 
church will play a role in further promoting end-time deception.

Our  present  warning:  This dark  church  is already doing so!

"How can this be?" one might ask.  An even more pressing question
would be this:  "How can we better discern the deceptive appeals of
apostate churches?"  This inquiry requires clarification ...

The faithful Church in Jesus Christ remains on the earth today.  This 
means not all of the "church" is apostate.  Are each and every one of
us a part of His  faithful  Church?  We sure hope so, for eternity is a
LONG time.

So how can we - His Church ; His Bride - more thoroughly discern the
many wolves wreaking havoc among us?  It's really quite simple.

Let's  DISCERN  present  Christian  culture in light of explicit BIBLE
Truths, ones which are forever settled in heaven.  Many cases in point
could (and eventually will) be given.  Here's one present-day concern
which is most pressing:

IF the "church" holds to views which are NOT taught in the Word of
God, mark it as such.  Allow us to get even more specific ...

Examples of false but very popular  end-time  positions within churches
today include:

1.  Preterit Theology - the dangerous teaching which shackles many
          into the bondage of ill-preparedness due to the position's out-
          right rejection of clear biblical Counsel.  Reading pertinent Bible
          passages helps.  Click Here

2.  Pre-Tribulation Rapture Dogma - the false-hope teaching which,
          through deceit, entraps millions into believing (and acting!) as
          if the Church will NOT go through the tribulation and things
          thereafter, events which our Lord predicted would indeed take 
          place prior to our gathering - things forewarned in Mt. 24:9-31. 
          (also see Rev. 6 - 11)  Reading the Bible passages helps.

3.  Pan-Trib / Pan-Mil Optimism - the eternally consequential half-truth
          lie which accepts one biblical principle (namely, God wins in the
)  but which denies other principles taught by our Lord Jesus
          (e.g., separation from the world ; ready watchfulness ; provision-
          al preparedness [e.g., food - Mt. 24:45-47] & faithful endurance,
          to name but a few).  Reading the many Bible passages on these 
          topics helps.  Click Here

And  Click Here  where these three misleading positions are
further addressed.

The teachings above may easily contribute to apostasy due to some of
the ramifications of their position.  For example - and this is motivated
by a genuine LOVE for God's Truths and His People in Jesus Christ: 
How do the above 3 positions fare RE: "preparedness" in light of 
BIBLICAL Truth?  This is a fair and crucial question given our Lord
has Counseled us to be ready (for His last-trumpet coming for His

Dear Family in our Lord Jesus Christ:  Let's be willing to call a spade
a spade.  Let's discern by/through regular intake of God's holy, most
precious Word, the Bible.

Dearest Lord Jesus.  Thank You for Your written Word.  Help us both
to will  and  to do  Your good pleasure by, in part, committing to time
with You in Your Word.  As we do so, may Your Spirit illumine us.  
Unto Your glory and praise we pray.  Amen


Week of 2/22-26  (B8;16)

Contending For The Faith - Further Exhorting Nominal & 
Active (i.e., lifestyle) Members Of The Cult Of Unbiblical Grace

A.W. Tozer  speaks  (through the new publication of his work on the
attributes of God)  ...

"I'm going to give you a report on the character of God, to tell you
what God is like.  And if you're listening with a worthy mind, you'll 
find faith will spring up.  Ignorance and belief drag faith down, but
a restored knowledge of God will bring faith up.  I don't suppose 
there is ever a time in the history of the world when we needed a
restored knowledge of God more than we need it now.  (pg. 5)  ...
We've suffered the loss of the high concept of God, and the con-
cept of God handled by the average gospel church now is so low
as to be unworthy of God and a disgrace to the Church.  It is by
neglect, degenerate error and spiritual blindness that some are
saying God is their 'pardner' or 'the man upstairs.'  (pg. 6)  ... I
sometimes feel like walking out on a lot that passes for Christ-
ianity.  ...  Christianity has lost its dignity.  And we'll never get it
back unless we know the dignified Holy God, who rides on the 
wings of the wind and makes the clouds His chariots.  We have
lost the concept of majesty and the art of worship.  I got a letter 
from my good friend Stacy Woods, who was until recently head
of InterVarsity.  And he said this in the closing lines of his letter:
'The church is getting away from worship.  I wonder if it is because
we are getting away from God.'  I think he's right and I believe that
is the answer.  (pg. 7)  ...  the losses we've suffered have all been
internal:  the loss of dignity and worship and majesty, of inwardness,
of God's presence, of fear and spiritual delight.  If we have lost only
that which is inward and gained only that which is outward, I wonder
if we've gained anything at all.  I wonder if we are not now in a bad 
state.  I believe we are.  I believe our gospel churches, our Christianity,
is thin and anemic, without thoughtful content, frivolous in tone and
worldly in spirit.  (pg. 8)  ...  We have lost the vision of the Majesty on
high."  (pg. 11)   Taken from The Attributes of God - Vol. 2 ; 2003

In the  beginning measures of this crescendo  (concerning his valid
rebuke of false Christianity), Tozer wrote this:  "That's our trouble.  
We know that God is so vast that in comparison everything is just
the size of a hazelnut.  And yet we're not a happy people because
we've got our minds set on things.  We multiply things, and we 
increase things and put our confidence in things  and  God.  We
have our job and God; we have our husband and God; we have 
our good job and God; we have our home and God.  We have our
ambition for the future and God, and so we put God as a plus sign
after something else.  ...  Our problem is that we are putting our
confidence in things and not in God."  (pp. 28, 29 of  The Attributes
of God 
- Vol. 1 ; 1997)  Suggestion:  Tozer offers many helpful,
Christ-honoring corrections to today's church goers in each of 
his chapters of this two volume set.  Read it, devotionally, if
you're childlike unto humble teachability.

Dear precious Family in Jesus Christ:  Let's discern AND flee from
the shackling deceptions of the cult of unbiblical grace!  (see blog
B2;16 above)

Lord, in Your mercy and grace, drive us back to humble inquiry 
whereby we go to Your Word for a rebuke-of-Christian-culture  
reality check  as to what it really means to be Your children in
Christ Jesus, Your beloved Son.  Help us understand we are 
dealing with the eternal (vs. the temporal - II Cor. 4:16-18).  
Help us live the full Counsel of Your Word by heeding princi-
ples which call us to take our salvation seriously, for You are
not mocked.  What we sow we will reap.  Oh Holy Father, You 
have clearly stated those who sow to the flesh will of the flesh
reap corruption but those who sow to the Spirit will reap ever-
lasting life  IF,  in Your kind, generous and grace-based strength,
we do not lose heart but endure to the end.  Help us, oh Lord!
In Christ Jesus' holy and precious name we pray.  Amen 


 Week of 2/29 - 3/4  (B9;16)

Honoring His FULL Counsel; Exposing Hell-Inducing Half Truths

A student we're working with adds to her Catholic mysticism, voodoo.
In this she is simply creating her own spirituality.  This is a very frequent
deception  many  are bound by today.  They think they can define their
own spirituality and be fine ... as long as it's spiritual.  But lest we point 
the finger, let's apply this to ourselves:  We think we can define our own
spirituality and be fine ... as long as it's spiritual.  But the Word of God
paints the opposite picture.  We are called by God to put down our  
idols - all of them - and follow Him as outlined in His Word ... the FULL
Counsel thereof!

This does not only apply to SPIRITUAL perspective.  It also applies to the
practical  aspects of worldview.  So, for example, many churches have
at the beginning of their doctrinal statement a written commitment to the
Bible being their final authority for faith and practice.  YET  some go on -
in some cases even in the same doctrinal statement - to DENY the full
Counsel of the Word which they say is their authority.  WHOA!  But 
there is clear evidence of the real faith they hold - facts which speak
to the contrary of their declaration.  While we can make observations
along these lines (of people living contrary to the faith they verbally
profess), it is GOD Who will judge (each and every one of us) on 
these matters.  We're not judging here.  We're simply joining others
who also call for the application of I John 1:8-10 and other passages
which encourage His people in Christ to live humbly before Holy God.
This includes being willing to continue being teachable through the
washing of the Word.  Let's endure in this worthy endeavor.

So let's do it!  Let's get back to fruit-bearing time in His sweet and most
generous revelation to us.

Lord Jesus, with You, all things are possible.  You have blessed us with
all the heavenly blessings, blessings which include Your Word.  Help us
to better discern our deceptive day by going to the light You have so
kindly provided in your written Word, the Bible.  THANK YOU that we 
are better able to see the deceit of half-truths which darkness is using
in these days prior to Your glorious initial appearing.  Thank You dear
God Most High.  In the precious name above all names - in the name
of Christ Jesus we pray.  Amen


Week of 3/7-11  (B10;16)   [ FB ]

Expressing PRAISE To God From Whom ALL Blessings Flow ...

We thank and praise our Father of Lights for recent Luke 18:13 
expressions of repentance by some who had been wrongly in-
fluenced by the Cult of Unbiblical Grace!  We take joy in their
God-prompted, humble, teachable spirit in light of Rev. 2 & 3 
(including 3:20).

We exalt our LORD Who has called His own to be holy as He is
holy - this in the setting of New Covenant faith actions tied to
Isaiah 55:6-13, Heb. 11 and James 2:14-26.

Join us in seeking to be - under His leading and empowering - His
holy Saints in Jesus Christ, Saints who are sweet, God-honoring
living sacrifices who, having been born anew and having been graced
with the imputation of Christ's righteousness, also  WALK  in that
state so we are not hypocrites in the eyes of the secular world nor
are we displeasing to our Holy God - Romans 8 & 12.

God is generous to His sheep.  As such, may we be humble enough
to say "YES" to our Divine Shepherd's desire that we be conformed to
the image of His dear Son - in Whom Father God was well pleased -
even  this side of eternity.

Lord God Most High:  Thank You for the awesome, transcendent-to-us
fruits and gifts of Your precious Spirit (Who dwells within Your children
in Christ). 

Lord, thank You for Your gracious warnings to us - those clearly
expressed in II Chron. 24 - yes, even in  1) King Asa's example in
II Chron. 14 - 16   and,  2) King Jehoshaphat's example in I Kings
22:41-43 (noting the "nevertheless" in vs. 43).

Thank You, Lord, in the setting of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ,
for  Ezekiel 2, 3, 18 & 33  ...  for  I John 1:8-10  ...  and for  Phil. 2:
12b, 13.  Thank You for Your full Counsel as to just what it means to
enjoy the abundant, spirit-filled life in Christ Jesus.  And thank You
for the means You graciously grant in order to live victoriously in Your
beloved Son as we take up our crosses daily and follow Him.  Thank
You for sweet transcendence as a result of [ just a closer walk with 

We bless and praise Your holy name.  In the name of Your dear
Son, Christ Jesus I pray.  Amen.

P.S.   Some have questioned our quoting of James 2:24.  Please do a
          prayerful Berean-like study of the handouts below, ones which
          call for balance and correction as to heeding the full Counsel of 
          God's Word in thought, word and deed.

Our  "Faith & Works"  Handouts:

A Lesson From Our Catholic Friends

Concise Statement

Justification Ticket

The Life of Abraham

Important Quotes

Faith And Works

P.P.S.   Please read Brother Yun's appeal titled "Repentance" included
              in the closing pages of his book, The Heavenly Man  (2002,
               blue-covered reprinted edition).                                               


Week of 3/14-18  (B11;16)

"WAVES" Of End-Time Bible Prophecy

In an earlier blog (B1;16), we mentioned we would be moving forward in
cutting-edge end-time ministry by addressing  "What's next?" questions.
We'd like to do so in a  new  way - one which continues to honor the
explicit revelation concerning the biblical doctrine (and HUGE insights!)
regarding the  days of the end.  As many are discerning, the end times
are here ... TODAY, and we're simply helping God's people in Jesus
Christ ponder practical things as to how we should be living in these
different but awesome days.

We'd like to sketch Bible prophecy by using the concept of "Waves."

We'll begin to  paint this picture  in outline form in this introductory blog:

Wave 1       Birth Pains                                             Matthew 24:4-8
                   Early Signs                                             II Timothy 3:1-5

Wave 2      Adverse Global Conditions                  Revelation 6
                     (e.g., Seal #2's "taking peace
                      from the earth")
                   Famine (Seal #3) - more intense        Revelation 6
                      than the birth-pain famines
                   Tribulation                                             Matthew 24:9-14
                   Great Tribulation                                  Matthew 24:15-22

Following Wave 2 (and just prior to "Wave 3") we will experience 
heavenly signs:

                  A.  Astronomical (moon, sun & star) signs as outlined
                          in Joel 2, Matthew 24:29  and  Revelation 6:12, 13;
                  B.  Sign of the Son of Man as described in Matthew
                         24:30  and  Revelation 6:14-17.  This event of the
                         sky "scrolling apart" actually begins a precious time:
                         "The Eschatological Day of the Lord."  See the chart
                         linked in #3 of [blog] B1:16 above.

These two heavenly-sign events pave the way for what we are 
calling "Wave 3"  ...

Wave 3     The Trumpets of Revelation 8 - 11

The concluding event of the 3rd Wave will be the "Final Trumpet
Rapture Gathering" of the Church - I Cor. 15:51, 52.

Note:  God's redeemed in Jesus Christ (who do not receive the mark
of the beast) will not incur the "wrath of God."  Because His Bride - the
Church - will not experience the Bowls of God's Wrath (as we are kept
from the hour of trial upon the earth as described in Rev. 3:10), we miss
this gathering of the vine of the earth - as defined in Rev. 14:17ff - and 
that which is delivered during this time:  the Bowls of God's just wrath.

Note 2:  The transition between Wave 3 & Wave 4 could be considered
in the events of Rev. 14:  the first gathering (vv. 14-16) representing
the taking of the Church ; the second gathering (vv. 17-20) leaving the 
unredeemed on the earth to incur the 4th Wave ... 

Wave 4       The Bowls of God's Wrath               Rev. 15 & 16

Wave 5       The Second Coming (Advent)          Rev. 19
                    of Jesus Christ to the Earth

Wave 6        God's millennial reign through       Rev. 20
                     His Son, Jesus Christ

The 6th Wave is the time He rules with righteous judgment.  This
will be a blessed time.  At the end of His 1,000-year rule, the dragon
will be let out of the pit for one final round of rebellion against the
One True God.  Scripture teaches satan's efforts of warfare will 
once again include great deception whereby he is able to gather 
one last army to battle God.  The Word assures us the army will be
met with consuming fire.  This fire will come down from God out of
heaven and will devour the army of the dark one.  The devil will 
then be forever cast into the Lake of Fire where the beast and the
false prophet have dwelt since the end of the Rev. 19 battle.

There is one other thing which will take place between the 6th 
and 7th Waves:

The Great White Throne Judgment includes the judgment of every
human being.  The righteous in Christ - His sheep - will be issued 
into eternal life with God in the new heaven, the new earth and the
new Jerusalem.  Those who have rejected the salvation of God
through Jesus Christ His Son will be cast into the Lake of Fire.
Yes, friends, those who say "NO" to God's gift of forgiveness of
sin, new spiritual birth and life in the Savior - the goats - will go
to the eternal home they preferred.  Because they freely rejected
eternal life, they will suffer God's righteous condemnation through
eternity.  Click Here  to view comments on the timing of judgment.

Wave 7       The title, "7th Wave" is appropriate in that it employs a
                    number symbolic of perfection.  The 7th Wave is eternal ...
                    where the everlasting state of each member of humanity

God desires ALL to be saved but also, in His expression of perfect
love, allows free will.  Will you consider His glorious salvation?   
Click here  for details.

Lord, thank You for extending insight to those who are willing to listen
to You.  Thank You that You've accurately outlined details of the end 
of days whereby those who are heeding Your Counsel are able to pro-
perly prepare for Your Son's return - "sober" as described in I Thes. 5!

Thank You for HOPE, for when these things begin to happen, we are
to look up knowing our salvation draws near.  Help us to be end-time
Saints who graciously point the unsaved to You.  May the Spirit of 
Your dear Son shine.  YES, shine Jesus shine!  ...  Blaze Spirit blaze!
...  Set our hearts on fire as we're expressing (living out) our first-love
sacrifices for Your glory and praise.  Even so, please come quickly
Lord Jesus!  Amen 


Week of 3/21-25 (B12;16)

Our 2016 End-Time Bible Reading Schedule (April - June)

The "washing of water by the Word" is sweet and powerful.  As
we read, may His gracious illumination by His Spirit bring many
fruitful effects, including our further conforming into the image
of His dear Son! 

April 1    Mark 1
April 2    Mark 2
...  etc.  ...
April 15    Mark 15
April 16    Mark 16
April 17   I Tim. 4
April 18   II Tim. 3
April 19   II Tim. 4
April 20  I Thes. 5
April 21   I Thes. 4
April 22  I Cor. 15
April 23  II Thes. 2
April 24  I John 1
April 25  I John 2
April 26  I John 3
April 27  I John 4
April 28  I John 5
April 29  II John
April 30  III John

May 1     Psalm 31
May 2    Psalm 32
May 3    Psalm 33
May 4    Psalm 34
May 5    Psalm 35
May 6    Psalm 36
May 7    Psalm 37
May 8    Psalm 38
May 9    Psalm 39
May 10  Psalm 40
May 11   Psalm 41
May 12  Psalm 42
May 13  Psalm 43
May 14  Psalm 44
May 15  Psalm 45
May 16  Psalm 46
May 17  Psalm 47
May 18  Psalm 48
May 19  Psalm 49
May 20  Psalm 50
May 21   Psalm 51
May 22  Psalm 52
May 23  Psalm 53
May 24  Psalm 54
May 25  Psalm 55
May 26  Psalm 56
May 27  Psalm 57
May 28  Psalm 58
May 29  Psalm 59
May 30  Psalm 60
May 31   Psalm 61

June 1    Daniel 1
June 2    Daniel 2
...  etc.  ...
June 11  Daniel 11
June 12  Daniel 12
June 13  Revelation 1
June 14  Revelation 2
June 15  Revelation 3
June 16  Revelation 4
June 17  Revelation 5
June 18  John 14
June 19  John 15
June 20  John 16
June 21  James 1
June 22  James 2
June 23  James 3
June 24  James 4
June 25  James 5
June 26  Titus 3
June 27  Matthew 24
June 28  Matthew 25
June 29  Luke 17
June 30  Luke 21

Lord, please make good Your promise to us as to the sweet
nurturing quality of Your Word as we take the time to sit at
Your Son's feet.  And Lord, please help us never forget that
It is better to trust in You than to put confidence in man;
It is better to trust in You than to put confidence in princes.
Unto Your - and His - glory and praise, in Jesus Christ's
holy name.  Amen


Week of 3/28 - 4/1  (B13;16)   [ FB ]

Affirming BOTH "Either/Or" AND "Both/And"

In the context of acknowledging the reality of the "neither" option (that 
is, what could be interpreted as also including the excluded middle  or,
simply put, additional options other than the options currently being
considered),  AND  as we wrap up this focus on dangerous half-truths
which have a significant bearing on end-time living, we need to
reiterate our  Truth Foundation:  God's precious, explicit Word.

To illustrate one aspect of epistemological (the study of knowledge)
pursuit ...

It's  NOT


Credo ut intelligam/intellegam  ("I believe so that I may understand"
                                             as expressed, in different forms, by 
                                             Augustine and Anselm)

Intellego ut credam  ("I think so that I may believe").

It's  BOTH/AND - both options are viable depending on the need of
the hour
.  And both approaches (faith and reason) have strengths and 
weaknesses depending upon the context in which they are employed.  
From God's worldview perspective, both human and divine sources of 
truth are usable (but again, note the strengths and weaknesses inherent 
in the methods and the strengths and weaknesses when they are put
to use when engaging others!).  And, obviously, there are other 
matters that play into this picture, matters like keeping an open
mind so as to avoid the  excluded middle  fallacy.

Let's move further into another illustration, one most practical in daily
living but a matter which highlights the limits of rational thought in that
it includes - dare I say it - the   s u p e r n a t u r a l  ...

Theological constructs are usable  BUT  they include hidden traps.

For example,  it's not  either  Calvinism or Arminianism ...

                         it's not  either  faith or works ...

                         it's not  either  Dispensationalism or Reformed Theology ...

                         it's not  either  Free Grace or Lordship Salvation ...

These are codes/belief systems of men  and each present  imbalance
IF  seen/believed upon in an "either/or" manner.  Instead of devoting
our lives to  traditions of men,  let's simply affirm the WHOLE Counsel
of God's Word.

Our Lord Jesus actually addressed this concern almost 2,000 years 
ago as recorded in Mark 7:1-16 (especially noting His words to the
religious leaders:  "This people honors Me with their  lips, but their
heart is far from Me.  And in vain they worship Me, teaching as
doctrines the commandments of men."  (Jesus Christ quoting
Isaiah 29:13 as recorded in Mark 7:6b,7)

Application observation:

These contemporary belief systems of man, in whatever ways they
are cast (e.g., in systematic theological expressions; in denominational
dogmas, etc.), are often systems which emphasize only one side of a
coin  or  only one facet of a multi-faceted diamond.

So where do we find  balance  - balance which gets us past our
puny selves?

     "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your
     own understanding;  In all your ways acknowledge Him,
     and He shall direct your paths."   Proverbs 3:5,6 (NKJV)

As there are appropriate times to use either  inductive  or  deductive
reasoning, so too are there times to use the  either/or  approach as
there are indeed fallacious contradictions (e.g., "God exists and at 
the same time and in the same way, God does not exist.").

As there are appropriate times to emphasize  ALL  of God's attributes
(and avoid, in this case, what could be a fallacy of emphasizing 
imbalance  [e.g., "God is love but is not holy or just."]), so too are
there times to apply the  both/and  approach (again, noting the
possibility there's a third, or fourth, or  ? ? option to consider in the
full equation - and I'm not talking about math equations here!).

Here's what we're trying to say in all this:

Man's perspective is  INcomplete!  God's full revelation, on the other 
hand, is complete toward accomplishing His purposes - offering 
sufficient wisdom to navigate the eternal, spiritual waters of life.  This
is one reason  WHY  we post Bible reading blogs (e.g., B12:16).

Once again, back to a pressing example ...

Regarding  "Justification before God"  ...

Is it  "Either/Or"    -     by faith alone - that is, either by faith or by
                                        works that one is accepted by God?

Is it  "Both/And"    -      by faith and works - that is, by a working,
                                         active faith once we are born again and walk
                                         in that light that we are accepted by God?

On the grounds of explicit Bible data - which we've highlighted in 
prior blogs above - in this case, it's  clearly  "Both/And."  This also
affirms John 14:6, Ephesians 2:8,9, the justification truths expressed
in the book of Romans, Philippians 3:8-11. Titus 3:5  et al.

As we conclude this longer blog - thanks for hanging in there!   :-)   -
I need to emphasize one of our points and I'll do so through the
asking of some questions:

How is it we know  WHEN  to employ these different actions?
"When should I use the  'both/and'  or the  'either/or'  approach?"
is a great question one could (and should) rightly ask.

Please hear our appeal ...

God's Word (the FULL Counsel thereof - as opposed to picking 
some verses and rejecting and/or reinterpreting others) offers 
humble subjects (who genuinely seek Truth)  His  transcendent
insight.  His illuminating Holy Spirit also leads in all truth.

So when we address the Cult of Unbiblical Grace, for example, we
are simply pleading with folks to accept God's full revelation of grace,
for God's grace - I'll say it again - is NOT exhausted at the cross!  
Our grounds for heralding the need for an active, working faith (as
God works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure) is explicitly
biblical, one which affirms  both  justification by faith  and  works
wrought by/done by God.  (John 3:21 - KJV/NJKV ; also see
Ephesians 2:10 ; Titus 2 & 3, and many other passages which
teach this:  God calls and equips His own in Christ to be about
good works ... even to the extent of James 2:24.)

This position is in direct  CONFLICT  with the traditions of the
Cult of Unbiblical Grace.  The  easy-believism,  the  get-your-fire-
insurance-and-you're-good-to-go  attitude, the  "NO works" heresy
of churches which deny the robust biblical data which affirms good
works in/done by  God  is a teaching which contributes to attitudes
OPPOSITE  the call of our Lord Jesus Christ!  And do you know
what He'll tell some of them on the day of accounting?

(I'm not giving my opinion here.  It's fact ...)

"I never knew you;  depart from Me, you who practice
lawlessness!"   Mt. 7:23 (NKJV)

(Also read Revelation 2 & 3)

So you see, dear  followers  of the Lord of lords and King of 
kings - Jesus Christ - it's  NOT  a matter of  "either/or" ...
either by faith or by works!

While God rejects works of the law and works of the flesh, He calls
His people who are justified by Christ to be  doers  of the Word and
not idle hearers only.  The biblical doctrine of justification before God 
is both positional in Christ Jesus  AND  progressive as we walk,
abide and live out our faith in Christ.

Sincerely:  To HELL with satan's cheap, deceptive lies in relationship
to this crucial topic!

Let's affirm the whole Counsel of God on this matter of what it really
means to be sincere practitioners - REAL new-born followers of
Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord God, maker of heaven and earth, holy Savior:
We once again confess our  perspectival sins  which so easily
beset us.  Help us discern half-truth ideologies which deny Your
Full-Truth Counsel.  Help us to live the end-time theme of
righteousness in this godless day.  Help us truly live the sweet,
abundant, God-pleasing life - the Romans 12:1,2, Galatians 2:20
existence as we abide in Your Son, as we walk in Your Spirit.

All glory, laud and honor:  To THEE, Redeemer, King!

In Christ Jesus' holy name we pray.  Amen 

2nd Quarter Blogs

Week of 4/4-8  (B14;16)

The Call For Purim

Do you recall the historical account of what is now celebrated as 
"Purim" ?

The book of Esther in the Old Testament describes a time
when God's people were going to be attacked, robbed and
killed.  Just before that period of pillage and murder began, 
the word went out that God's people could defend themselves
against those who brought threat.

We take this story and make appeal for contemporary application ...

Under the New Covenant in Jesus Christ, we recommend a similar
response in the setting of a coming period when hatred will drive
some people to plunder and kill.

Here's our simple, legal, balanced suggestion:

Abiding under the laws of the land, defend yourself and your
  as you deem best.  It's okay to do so!  Take measures in
accord with your personal convictions before Almighty God.  Let's
seek to walk in biblical balance as we live in light of the full
Counsel of the Word of God.

Oh Lord Who provides, please give us Your wisdom as to how 
You would have us protect ourselves (or not) during the tumultuous
times ahead.  Allow us mercy and grace to accept various responses
of Family members on this matter whereby we don't inappropriately
judge them outside of our rightful place, for You allow Your people
in Christ Jesus  multiple options*  on this concern of just how we 
respond during this great storm.

Thank You for Your Son's soon coming!  Even so, please come
quickly Lord Jesus.  It's in His name we pray dear Father.  Amen

*  multiple options  within the confines of Scripture:  "Both/And" !


Week of 4/11-15  (B15;16)

A Sweet Opportunity For God's Glory And Praise
(Food Storage For The Upcoming Famine)

"When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say,
'Come and see.'  So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who
sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.  And I heard a voice in the
midst of the four living creatures saying, 'A quart of wheat for a
denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm
the oil and the wine.'"  (Revelation 6:5,6)

"When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth
living creature saying, 'Come and see.'  So I looked, and behold,
a pale horse.  And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and
Hades followed with him.  And power was given to them over a
fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and
by the beasts of the earth."  (Revelation 6:7,8 ; emphasis ours)

"Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made 
ruler over his household, to give them food in due season?  Blessed
is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing.
Assuredly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all his goods."
(Jesus Christ speaking in Matthew 24:45-47)

Quotes above are taken from the New King James Bible.

(Also see our Lord's instruction to us in Mt. 25:1-13 where He clearly
asks His people to be ready.  This includes readiness for the days just
prior to His initial appearing.  CLICK  HERE

So what's the "opportunity" ?

In light of upcoming famines, we can prepare for these trials, in part,
through food storage.  IF we do (prepare), we have provisions avail-
able to share once food shortages increase.

As Joseph (of Genesis 39 - 50) stored food for the years of famine
which took place in his day, we, too, can be instruments of blessing
to others ...  IF  we've prepared!

And please consider this simple observation:

More cities have "community gardens."  But think about this simple
reality:  How many people can be fed by the limited resources in
these community efforts - especially in the cities which host larger
numbers of people?

RE: Strength in numbers ...

The more people are prepared for this season of calamity, the less
likely we'll witness the chaos that typically comes when disasters 
of this nature strike.  Why?  Because people have prepared.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your caring Counsel.  Forgive us when we 
fail to heed Your loving instructions to us.  Help us  to be ready  as
You have so outlined in Your Word - ready in material, mental,
emotional and spiritual ways whereby we are not caught off guard
by the end-time storms soon to hit us.

Help us - Your people in Christ Jesus - to live out our faith through
action.  Give us Your wisdom in this matter of food storage.  And in
the upcoming setting of famine, help us to be like Joseph in light of 
the New Covenant principle in Philippians 2:3,4.  In this setting, Lord,
also help us to share with the needy, the Bread of Life:  Christ Jesus
the LORD.  For our benefit, for the benefit of others AND ultimately
unto Your glory and praise.  Amen


Week of 4/18-22  (B16;16)

A Contemporary End-Time Bible Prayer

Abba Father, we so look forward to Your Son's glorious appearing!
THANK YOU for providing Counsel as to end-time dangers which
seek to foster apostasy.  As Your Spirit indwells those in Christ
Jesus Your Son, may He grant needed discernment whereby we
are better able to see through the many deceptions of our day.

Thank You  for warning us about:

~  expressions promoting the spirit of antichrist, ones
     especially offered through  false-christ  claims;
~  the increase of  false prophets  who aggressively herald
     the evil themes You so clearly caution against in Your
     written Word;
~  the many  false teachers  who are proclaiming false end-time
     teachings as the day of Your Son's initial appearing draws near.
Thank You for your  repetitions for the sake of emphasis (RE:
destructive deceits).

Thank You  for Counseling us about:

~  things to avoid and things to be about doing during this
     unique time in human history;
~  the importance of being in Your precious Word, both in Your
     incarnate Word (Jesus Christ)  and  Your written Word (the
~  keeping our eyes on Your beloved Son, our dear Savior
     and Lord. 
Thank You for Your caring shepherding of Your vulnerable 
sheep who so need  Your wisdom.

THANK YOU  for Your faithfulness to Your own:

~  through the giving of historical examples which offer
     great encouragement in these dark days;
~  through Your sweet Holy Spirit whereby we are graced
     with Your direction, even on very specific challenges we
     frequently encounter;
~  through the ministry of  song  as we press on in adoring
     and praising You as modeled in Revelation 4 & 5.
Thank You for gifting us with all the precious heavenly blessings
in Christ Jesus Your Son!

Abba Father, we so look forward to Your Son's glorious appearing!
We THANK YOU for helping us endure in essential first-love commit-
ment to You whereby we have the love, boldness and resolve to say
"NO, I'll NOT cross!" the lines darkness demands we cross (as so
helpfully modeled by way of examples in Daniel 1, 3 & 6).  Lord Jesus,
we praise Your name for Your supreme Counsel to us.  THANK YOU,
oh God Most High.  We worship and magnify Your holy name.  Even
so, please come quickly Lord Jesus.  Amen


Week of 4/25-29  (B17;16)   [ FB ]

Has The "2nd Wave" Of Bible Prophecy Begun?

In light of the full Counsel of God's Word, we believe the 
Second Wave of Bible prophecy signs - see blog B11:16
above - has already (but only just) begun.

Adverse global conditions - including the "taking of peace
from the earth" (see Seal 2 of Revelation 6), in part, by Koranic 
militants who believe in Muslim eschatology, of which jihad is 
included as they move forward in their efforts at global 
domination - have begun.

Other events of  Wave #2  are still pending. 

Some yet-future aspects of the Second-Wave signs include:

1.  The  famine  of Rev. 6:5,6 (a famine more intense than the
        famines of the "Birth Pains" of Mt. 24:4-9);
2.  The tribulation (as defined by Jesus Christ) of Mt. 24:9-22 - also
        addressed in Rev. 6:7-11.

In this context, a  crucial  question emerges:  "How shall we now

Do the negative aspects of end-time events leave us in fear?  They
shouldn't, for perfect love casts out fear.  Knowing we are in the
hands of Creator  יהוה  God, we have peace, not fear.  In fact, as the 
end-time signs further present themselves, those of us who are
Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ enthusiastically look up 
and take  JOY  knowing our salvation draws near.  But YES, 
before our  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering,  the tribulation
and great tribulation must take place as outlined in Mt. 24 and
in the book of Revelation.

So, in answer to the question, "Has the '2nd Wave' of Bible
prophecy begun?" ... Yes, in part. 

Are we rightly discerning the signs of the times whereby we
are not surprised by tribulation and the early parts of  The Day
of the Lord
 ?  (see I Thes. 5)  We sure hope so, for God has
called us to be sober so that the beginning of this  Day  will
not come upon us suddenly/unexpectedly.

In seeking to help encourage  readiness,  here are a few Bible-
honoring, Christ-exalting suggestions:

1.  Be about  material  preparedness.  This includes food storage.

     Recommended action:  The act of storing material goods is wise.
     Takes steps in this direction through both individual and communal 
     (e.g., church) efforts.

2.  Be about  mental  preparedness.  This includes numerous
     things.  We'll touch upon three at this time:

     A.  Know  hostility toward God's faithful people in Christ Jesus
           will escalate;
     B.  Remember we are called to endure (not  fall away) during
           this time  AND  we are to do so with a JOYFUL perspective
           ("... count it all joy ..." ; "...pray for your enemies ..." ; Rom.
           8:18 ; etc.);
     C.  Resolve to  hold fast  and  overcome  as our Lord instructs
           us in Rev. 2 & 3.

     Recommended action:  The act of regular evaluation as to the
     strength of our commitment to Jesus Christ  AND,  in this mind-
     set, be willing to be faithful to the end.

3.  Be about  spiritual  preparedness.  Mental preparedness is
     crucial but there's another dimension we need to consider in
     order to be MOST prepared, mentally speaking.  Our all-
     knowing God, Who knows the future, has some additional 
     insights for us.  For those who are willing to listen, He has
     graced us with His divine Counsel ... BUT we must seek it

     Recommended action:  The act of being in His Word for
     supernatural nurturing second to none.  Our "Quarterly
     Reading Schedules" list pertinent-to-our-day passages.

Dear soon-coming Lord, help us to be ready for Your Son's
glorious return by heeding Your clear instruction to us.  Help 
us with child-like faith.  Help us to obey Your Counsel whereby
we are living soberly as our redemption draws near.  Help us
be Your loving Ambassadors of Christ Jesus Your Son - those 
Gospel lights You so clearly desire us to be.  Unto the losts'
eternal benefit, unto our benefit, and ultimately unto Your
glory and praise.  In Christ Jesus' name we pray.  Amen


Week of 5/2-6  (B18;16)

Can We Agree ?

Can we agree upon something - something quite important?

Because the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view is  not  explicitly stated in
Scripture,  can we at least agree on this:

"We will absolutely  KNOW  that the Pre-Trib Rapture position is
WRONG  when this event takes place:  When the person of the anti-
christ comes on the public scene."

Would you - those of you who favor Pre-Tribulationalism - at least
allow the Pre-Trib position  self evaluation  (in that the main tenet of 
the Pre-Trib Rapture viewpoint, itself, states the rapture of the Church
will take place  BEFORE  the public emergence of the antichrist) ?

So in light of the main proposition of the Pre-Trib Rapture theory
(that is, the appearing of the antichrist and the beginning of the 
tribulation period  FOLLOW  the Pre-Trib Rapture event), we can
emphatically say this:

"If the antichrist appears and the tribulation against the Saints begins,
if these two events take place, we  KNOW,  then, without a shadow 
of doubt, that the Pre-Trib Rapture view is incorrect."

Can we agree on this?

(This will also mean - if indeed the rapture event is not "Pre-Trib" -
that the advocates of the Pre-Trib position [who believe and teach
this end-time view is true] are themselves false teachers on this
important topic.)

WHY  do we raise this fair appeal?

Because by the time the antichrist comes on the scene, some of the
"readiness" / "watchfulness" / "preparedness"  aspects which our 
Lord Jesus calls us to will no longer be possible - because some of
the events will be behind us.  See  www.enduranceministries.org
&  www.endmin.org  for some specific examples which are pertinent 
to us TODAY!

In other words, it will be  TOO LATE  to be prepared concerning 
some of the things our Lord has called us to be ready for.

Some could respond:  "But Jon, your initial appeal above was to
discern the events (i.e., the public appearance of the antichrist 
and the beginning of the tribulation period) by which we KNOW, 
absolutely, the Pre-Trib view is wrong.  But by that time,  if  the
revealing of the antichrist takes place before the rapture of the
Church, then these who have dogmatically believed in the Pre-
Trib view will be unprepared!  So why make this factual observa-
tion at this time?"

This is our very point!  We do so in order to encourage sound
doctrine.  We raise this issue here, at this time, so as to help
promote "readiness" now - readiness as our Lord Jesus defines
it in the Word.

It's for this very reason some need to be less dogmatic concerning
their belief in the Pre-Trib Rapture view.  NB (note well) :

~  Because the Pre-Trib view is not explicitly stated in Scripture;
~  Because it's inferential supporting tenets are not stated in
Therefore, at the very least,  please  allow for other more biblically
supported views to be a part of your end-time perspective as you 
walk with Jesus Christ.

We make this appeal passionately  for YOUR benefit!  This is our
sincere motive in raising this fact (that the Pre-Trib view may be
wrong!):  We genuinely CARE for you!

Father God, thank You for revealing to us crucial details tied to Your
Son's glorious return.  Thank You for giving us the signs which will
take place before His coming whereby we can look up and discern
that our redemption is drawing near.  THANK YOU for forewarning
us about the many deceptions during the dark days of the end. 
Thank You for Counseling us as to what we need to be doing during
these end of days - just prior to Your Son's initial appearing.  We 
wish to glorify You by heeding Your gracious instructions to us.  
Precious Father, we give You praise as we worship Your holy
name.  Even so, please come quickly Lord Jesus.  Amen


Week of 5/9-13  (B19;16)

"Perspective" Review  Using A Different Angle

Have you been ENJOYING our suggested Bible reading schedule?
We sure have.

To give you a sample of what's coming as we read through the
Psalms together, we'd like to present  PERSPECTIVE  from one 
of our Lord's psalms.  Note how many end-time themes (tied to
"perspective") are included in this precious psalm ...

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed,
and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
Though its waters roar and be troubled, though the mountains
shake with its swelling.                                                 Selah

There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God,
The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High.
God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved;
God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.
The nations raged, the kingdoms were moved;
He uttered His voice, the earth melted.

The LORD of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge.                                  Selah

Come, behold the works of the LORD, Who has made desolations
in the earth.  He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth;
He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two;
He burns the chariot in the fire.

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

The LORD of hosts is with us. 
The God of Jacob in our refuge.                                 Selah

Psalm 46 (NKJV)

Prayer:    Please read Daniel 9:4-19 in light of the New Covenant 
                perspective in Christ Jesus.


Week of 5/16-20  (B20;16)   [ FB ]

A Different "Revisit"

In blogs  B27-29;15  we addressed a very dangerous false teaching:
One can take the mark of the beast, repent of doing so  and  still live
forever with God. 

This is untrue, biblically speaking.  The false-hope offer as outlined
in the blogs above is  not  the only deception darkness is using to 
persuade followers of Jesus Christ to be open to the taking of the 
mark as described in Revelation 13.  Here's another half-truth  lie  
which will be further told to those seeking to  save their lives* :

Another similar, eternal, consequential deception will take a form
similar to this:

P1   Because those who place their faith in Christ Jesus are
        eternally secure;  [ VS the Truth:  Those who truly place 
        their faith in Christ Jesus are eternally secure. ] 

P2   Because one cannot lose one's salvation;  [ VS the Truth: 
        Those who are genuinely saved cannot lose their salvation. ]

Therefore,         Taking the mark of the beast will not result in the 
(Conclusion)      Lake of Fire for Christians who take the mark.

It's this mentality - P1 & P2 & the conclusion - that represents the 
half-truth deception.

We ask some simple but crucial questions at this juncture.  ...

How do we  know  true followers of Jesus Christ are eternally secure?
What is the  basis  of this belief?  On what grounds  is this true?

Answer:  The Word of God teaches this Truth, therefore, genuine 
believers in Jesus Christ are indeed eternally secure.  God's Word is 
our final authority for faith and practice and because it (the Bible) states 
this truth (that  no one can/will pluck born-again believers out of the 
Father's hand ), it's True - namely, that sincere, enduring-to-the-end
Christians have eternal life.  God said it; that settles it.

B U T   here's the problem for those who  pick and choose  some
Scriptures and yet who incorrectly go on to deny other Scriptures - 
those who in practice do NOT affirm the whole Counsel of the Word 
of God

God's Word  ALSO  states

Mt. 24:9,10
II Thes. 2:1-4
I Tim. 4:1

Our point:  We need to accept  ALL  of God's Counsel, not simply the
                   aspects of His revelation we like.

If that's not warning enough, the Word also says  this  concerning
those who take the mark of the beast:

"... If ANYONE worships the beast and his image, and receives his
mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of
the wine of the wrath of God ..."  (Rev. 14:9,10 - actually, please
see Rev. 14:6-13 which also speaks to those yet to be taken up in 
the final trumpet [7th Trumpet] Rapture gathering!    (NKJV ; emphasis 

(And there are other passages addressing this concern which we've
not included here - ones that also need to be humbly and prayerfully

In short, in light of the full Counsel of God's Word on this matter,
true born-again, heaven-bound followers of Jesus Christ will  NOT
take the mark.

Another way to faithfully summarize these biblical Truths is in this way:

There will not be one person in glory (who has eternal life through the
Lord Jesus Christ - who lives forever with God) who takes the mark of
the beast ... not one!

By the authority of God we implore those who call themselves believers:
NEVER, EVER  take the mark, for to do so, in light of God's very kind
revelation to us - and He always keeps His Word - to receive the mark
demonstrates you are  NOT  a true believer and will indeed guarantee
you a place in the Lake of Fire.

This era of the mark of the beast is coming soon.

May our Lord grant us endurance through this most difficult time in all
of human history.  We encourage you to read the book of Hebrews
where the end-time theme of  endurance in Christ  is so wonderfully
highlighted.  Our Lord in Rev. 2 & 3 also mandates this very quality
of His people in Jesus Christ as He calls us to be overcomers.

Help us precious Father God.  THANK YOU for the crucial insights
communicated in the full Counsel of Your Word.  In Christ Jesus' holy 
name we pray.  Amen


*  Re: those who wish to "save their lives," please look over the following 
          passages:  Mt. 16:24-27 ; Mk. 8:34-38 ; Lk. 17:33. 


Week of 5/23-27  (B21;16)

Just Sharing ...

Recently my dear wife and I were so blessed once again by intimate
time with our Lord in His precious Word.  The time together with Him
was sweet indeed.

I simply share the references we contemplated (Phil. 4:8) whereby, 
you, too, may  ENJOY  a similar blessing as His Spirit moves in your

Psalm 34 (including vv. 8-14 where the "fear of the Lord" is highlighted) ;

Hebrews 4 - 7 begins with an appeal affirming the "fear of the
Lord"  under the New Covenant in our Lord Jesus Christ - "Therefore,
since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us  fear  lest any of you
seem to have come short of it."  (Heb. 4:1 ; NKJV ; emphasis mine)

Dear Saints in Christ Jesus - the Lord of lords and King of kings ...

Perfect love casts out fear  - AMEN - but this is only a partial picture
of the whole.  Our Father God continues to require a contrite spirit of
His own in Christ.  Do we honor the full Counsel of His Word by
maintaining a balanced perspective as to our ongoing abiding in His
Vine?  We need to be exalting Him in the ways He has so clearly 
outlined.  (e.g., to love Him includes this:  OBEDIENCE)

Endurance in Christ  is one of the clearest manifestations of our 
genuine life in Him.  II Thes. 1:3-5!  

"Therefore by their fruits you shall know them" can also be applied to  
our own  personal walk in Christ.  If we are not walking in the biblical 
theme of  ENDURANCE,  we would be well served to heed  II Peter 
1:10,11,  Phil. 2:12,13  &  the entire book of Hebrews ... in light of the 
Counsel of our Lord:  "... he who endures to the end shall be saved."  
(see Mt. 24:13)

Father God, we praise You for Your gift of salvation to us through Your
beloved Son in Whom You were well pleased.  We thank You for kindly
revealing to us that we have been called to live out our salvation as we
press on - endure! - in life in Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord.  What
abundant grace!  
Blessed be  You, oh Most High God.  We pray this
in Jesus Christ's holy name.  Amen


Week of 5/30 - 6/3  (B22;16)

Thanksgiving For God's Incredible Longsuffering

God's mercy and grace continue to be extended.  What patience
on the part of God Most High.  Salvation is still being offered to those
who would confess their need and turn to Him in this last hour.

God is not willing that anyone should perish, and yet, the window is
closing due to all the deception today.  Please, place your trust in the
Savior:  Jesus Christ.

This wicked generation is bound by the father of lies - satan.  Some
of the members of the unbelieving global community say they are not
in bondage to anyone.  In reality, they are not only dead in their tres-
passes and sins but are actually slaves of the dark one.

Those rejecting Jesus Christ and the saving provision He alone 
brings through His death and resurrection, as the Word of God clearly
teaches, will scream shrieks of torment through eternity as they
experience inability to enter God's holy presence.
  As God wishes
this horrific eternal state for no one, we, too, wish this for no one.  Fact
is, though, as the Lord of glory has said, MANY choose the wide path
that leads to destruction.  How very sad.

Perhaps you've discerned the strange day in which we live.  There's no
doubt the spiritual battle between the people of YHWH God (in Christ
Jesus) and the people of the devil is raging.

Are you among those who refuse to discern the season?  Or, if you do
feel there's something terribly wrong with global culture of late and are
starting to see the light, please read through our  Good News  web
pages for God's loving message of sweet hope through Jesus Christ.
He is the only way God has provided to avoid everlasting separation
from God in the Lake of Fire.

Dear Creator God, Savior of all mankind who accept Your gift, the
deluding influences of which You have forewarned are so clearly
manifest today.  Help those still needing You - whose lives still hang
in the balance - to see Your light and come to the Savior, Your dear
Son: Jesus Christ.  Help those of us who are already  in Christ  to
better discern the lateness of the hour.  As we prepare to enter into
the  Day of Christ/Day of the Lord,  give us Your perspective, please.
Help us to be sober.  Help us avoid allowing our love to grow cold due
to all the wickedness today.  Help us, oh Lord God, to endure to the
end and so be saved.  In Christ Jesus' holy and precious name I 
pray.  Amen

Our (sincerely) caring offer to you:

For gift DVDs addressing end-time issues of our day, write to us at

Endurance Ministries
P.O. Box 92098
Portland, OR  97292

and ask us to send you these edifying resources.  (These gifts
are only available to those residing in the USA, sorry.  For those
who don't, please visit our many web sites which offer edification
similar to the DVDs.)


Week of 6/6-10  (B23;16)

The  EFFECTS  Of The End-Time Bible WAVES Continue

In response to insightful comments tied to some of our recent 
blogs (B11;16  &  B17;16 - posted above), please ENJOY the 
discipleship challenge in the link  below.

CLICK HERE  for a worksheet on the waves.

God of glory, God of grace,
Help us Lord to seek Thy face.
You Who dwell above the earth;
You Who gave us second birth:
God of glory, God of grace,
Help us Lord to seek Thy face.

And LORD, may we better show our love for You by spending
time with You in prayer and in Your precious Word!  In Jesus
Christ's holy name we pray.  Amen


Week of 6/13-17  (B24;16)

Thinking Outside The  Worldly  Box

"Another one  bites the dust!" 

Regarding the "fables" the Word of God says will flourish  (as
described in II Tim. 4:3,4)  in the days of the end, it's amazing:
Even  the U.S. Army  succumbs to end-time myths and grafts
them into is recruiting efforts.

In seeking to discern just how deceptive the deceptions are
becoming ...

There has been poor evidence in support of  E.T.s  who threaten our
existence.  Yet, the U.S. Army's ESD (Earth Space Defense) acts
as if the threat is real.  In light of the bigger picture:  No kidding.  
On the "goarmy.com/joinesd.html" web site, we find this:

"Since the war of 1996  [when Independence Day  hit the theaters],
the Earth Space Defense has been preparing for the next great alien
invasion.  We're looking for the best and brightest from around the
globe to join the ESD, and protect mankind.  Our purpose is simple:
Defend Earth's independence at all costs."  ( "[...]"  and  emphasis

We find (on the ESD site) a link to the 2nd ID movie which will be
opening in many theaters later this month - June 24.

Is it possible this  fun  recruiting approach is actually part of a holistic
plan to further brainwash the Postmodern generation in preparation
for, in reality, an upcoming spiritual battle soon to take place on a
global scale?

I can envision receiving email response from our adversaries similar
to this:

"Jon, Jon, shame on you!!  This ESD is only a cleaver recruitment
approach.  I thought you were smarter than this so I'm tempted to ask:
You got your doctorate where - from a Cracker Jack  box?  You're 
looking for imaginary demons under rocks that don't exist!"

And yet, given the conditioning the two movies (namely ID-4 - see 
blog B4;16 above -  &  ID-Resurgence) include within their story lines, 
one might wonder if there's more to this military science fiction than
what meets the (undiscerning) eye.

Here's one of our concerns (about these films) as we (at EM -
Endurance Ministries) press forward in highlighting end-time Bible

MANY biblical predictions concerning the signs (which take place
before Jesus Christ's return) are unfolding in global culture today.
One part of the biblical, end-time scenario is that of Jesus Christ's
return.  The Word of God describes Jesus Christ's return as taking
place "on" (e.g., Mt. 24:30)  and "with" (e.g., Rev. 1:7) "the clouds."

The Word of God also states the world will gather in battle against
this Heavenly Intruder.  (Rev. 19)  But this takes place in the con-
text of having already suffered the Bowls of God's wrath upon the
earth - a period of time which is yet future.

Are you beginning to discern how  science fiction  is being used in 
a very cleaver way to actually train the final generation to battle God
once He returns to the earth?  By the time the inhabitants of the 
world suffer God's wrath upon them, they will be angry to the
extent they will - truthfully - as the ESD purposes, "defend earth's
independence [even from God] at all costs." 

In application ...

Watch the scenes (in both movies) which cover the coming of the
E.T.s  who threaten our independence.  These unwelcome aliens
come on/with the clouds!  (The second movie:  smoke & clouds.)

Guess what?  Early conditioning is taking place concerning what 
the Bible has taught for almost 2,000 years.  The earth dwellers
actually get to the place in their deceived state that they think they
can  take on  the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ.  The Independence Day
movies condition the viewers in preparation for this day.  WHOA!

Once again, the biblical account demonstrates itself miraculous!
God has graciously revealed great insight for those who would dare
to listen.  For those of you who are laughing in your deceived state
of skepticism, you should be aware of two things:

1.   God even predicted scoffers would be vocal in the days of the end;
2.  The Bible has also predicted other things will unfold BEFORE the
      initial appearing of Jesus Christ! 

The Word of God states the world and the powers thereof will make
"war against the saints."  This is predicted in both the book of Daniel 
and the book of Revelation.  This takes place under the rule of one who 
the Bible calls the "antichrist."  This period of time - which will take place 
in the next couple decades - will include the dark mandates of that which 
is recorded in Rev. 13.  Read it for yourselves!

For those of you who say you are believers (in the Word), we respect-
fully ask this:

Has  the frog in the kettle  conditioning through the mediums even 
affected you to the place where you scoff at the concerns we are
raising in this blog?  Have you become that "lukewarm" whereby
you even reject the clear Counsel of the One Who knows?  The
Truth:  Persecution is coming to those who remain faithful to Jesus
Christ.  Are you prepared for this time of spiritual battle which makes
physical battle look like child's play?  Jesus Christ calls His own to
be "ready."  Are we?

Please  keep reading the Word of God  for insight second to 
none.  Our eternity is at stake at this juncture ... at this late hour.

Father of Lights, THANK YOU for forewarning us about the many
reasons some will give to justify their apostasy - persecution, per-
sonal idolatry, deception.  Thank You for calling us to be ready, to
endure to the end, to see that no one deceives us ... etc. ... etc. ...
etc.  THANK YOU for the many warnings You have so graciously
given whereby we avoid becoming deceived.  Help us, Father 
God, to obey Your full Counsel, Counsel which includes, "He
who endures to the end will be saved."  (Mt. 24:13)  In Christ
Jesus' - Your Son's - holy name I pray.  Amen


Week of 6/20-24  (B25;16)

Our 2016 Reading Schedule (July - September)

Three portions of the Word of God that are most clear in addressing
the topic of end-time Bible prophecy include the books of Daniel and
Revelation  and  our Lord's end-time address in Matthew 24 & 25.  
This quarter's reading schedule includes these reads.  ENJOY, and
may God's  insightful  Word be just that to you!

July 1     Matthew 1
July 2     Mt. 2
...  etc.  ...
July 27   Mt. 27
July 28   Mt. 28
July 29   Mark 13
July 30   Luke 17
July 31    Luke 21

August 1     Revelation 1
August 2     Rev. 2
...  etc.  ...
August 21    Rev. 21
August 22    Rev. 22
August 23    Daniel 1
August 24    Dan. 2
August 25    Dan. 3
August 26    Dan. 4
August 27    Dan. 5
August 28    Dan. 6
August 29    Matthew 24
August 30    Matthew 25
August 31     John 16

September 1     Hebrews 1
September 2     Heb. 2
...  etc.  ...
September 11   Heb. 11
September 12   Heb. 12
September 13   Heb. 13
September 14   Titus 2
September 15   I Timothy 4
September 16   II Timothy 3
September 17   II Timothy 4
September 18   I Thessalonians 4
September 19   I Thessalonians 5
September 20  II Thessalonians 2
September 21   Psalm 61
September 22   Psalm 62
September 23   Psalm 63
September 24   Psalm 64
September 25   Psalm 65
September 26   Psalm 66
September 27   Psalm 67
September 28   Psalm 68
September 29   Psalm 69
September 30   Psalm 70

Father YHWH God, as we take time to read Your Counsel on matters
pertaining to our days, would You please graciously grant us open 
eyes that we might behold wonderful things as we read?  May Your
Spirit grant us illumination as only You can give!  Unto Your glory
and praise we ask ... in Your dear Son's blessed name, amen.


Week of 6/27 - 7/1  (B26;16)   [ FB ]

"Don't Confuse Me With The Facts!"

I hear this perspective (albeit stated in different ways) more often
than I care to acknowledge.

It's getting that bad!

So, when we - members of the Body of Christ - say things like:

~   "Have you discerned how weird the world has become of late?"
~   "There's something terribly WRONG with culture today."
~   "How can so many great injustices be taking place in our so-
        called  thinking  society?"
~   "Why has our culture grown to be so  intolerant,  yes, even so
        satan-like, in a day when it claims to be tolerant?" ...

When we raise fair questions like those listed above  AND  then
go on to  evidence  these questions and the claims included
therein, why is it some respond almost violently against those
who seek to bring attention to these present realities?

Why?  What's going on here!?

It's because darkness is so rampant today that  "Truth"  itself is
viewed as a threat to present society.  SERIOUSLY!  Just try to
talk with people about the evils being accepted and they often 
get defensive and/or angry.

But it's not only  "Truth"  that's viewed as the great enemy of today's
dark society.  It's those who proclaim these Truths who are also 
labeled "DANGEROUS!" - yes, even evil - in the eyes of the new
satanic culture.

Friends open to Truth:  You need NOT cater to their enslaved worldview!

Secularists who deny spiritual realities:  Don't laugh, for we can warrant
these things!

Satan is:

    the father of lies / the great deceiver
    the enemy of God and all that is good
    the great opponent of Creator God:  The Word ... Jesus Christ.

The world is:

    enslaved to the father of lies and gladly embraces deceit
    hostile to God and His good things
    hateful toward Jesus Christ and His faithful followers.

The reality that  strange things are happening  is confessed by many.
So again, we sincerely, with urgent appeal, ask:  "What's going on?"

ANSWER (in part) :

We are in the end of days before Jesus Christ's initial appearing. 
We have been experiencing the  "time of sorrows"  as predicted by
our Lord Jesus in Matthew 24 and are now moving into the tribulation
period - again, NOT as some false teachers and false prophets are
defining the "Tribulation" today!  CLICK HERE  for an example.

NOTE:  Do a study on the word "tribulation."  A biblical study may
             surprise you in that it's very different than how some are
             defining biblical "tribulation" these days? 

So how should we now live?

We should continue to look up, for our salvation draws near;
We should continue to keep our eyes on the Author and Finisher
    of our faith, Jesus Christ:  King of kings and Lord of lords;
We should continue in His Word.

As we do so, God will illumine our path as we abide in His Vine
and as we walk in His Spirit.

Precious heavenly Father, blessed be Your great and holy name!
We praise You for all the blessings in the heavenly places in Christ 
Jesus Your holy Son, our Savior.  Receive our adoration and 
thanksgiving as we press on in living out our lives as Your living
sacrifices unto Your glory and praise.  May Your dear Spirit be
honored as we take up our crosses and allow Him free reign in
and through our lives.  Thank You sweet Father YHWH God.
Even so, please come quickly Lord Jesus.  Amen

3rd Quarter Blogs

Week of 7/4-8  (B27;16)

How Many Times Should We Repeat Ourselves?

By God's kind and generous mercy and grace, we at Endurance
Ministries have been faithful in bringing prophetic ministry appeals
(i.e., Ambassadoring  for God as we discern our culture in light of
His awesome Word).

We've posted truthful end-time Bible chronology and a sound (i.e.,
true to His Word)  eschatological perspective.

We've highlighted  THEMES  included in the many end-time 

At this juncture - given there's a time for everything under the 
sun - we discern it's time for us to be silent before Him for a season.

As of this blog post, we won't necessarily be posting on a weekly
basis in light of pressing actions we need to be taking (concerning
further preparations for upcoming end-of-days events)  and  in
light of another writing assignment to which we've recently 
committed.  (Our first work is titled:  The Final Trumpet Rapture
Gathering: An Introduction

For those of you who have been blessed by our Gospel and disciple-
ship ministry efforts, please prayerfully consider responding to our
ongoing ministries to you - our precious Family in Christ - in these

1.  Review the pertinent blogs by visiting our "archived" blogs as 
      they continue to bring both edification and encouragement in
      these dark days;

2.  Look over our many web sites and consider a Berean-like 
      response ... see if these things are so  by evaluating the
      appeals in light of God's holy Word;

3.  Consider having us come to your local church for seminar(s)
      and teaching presentations.

Please email us by means of the "contact us" box above.

In the setting of the New Covenant in Christ Jesus our Lord,
our eternal and precious Hope, we close with this prayer, this

The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face to shine upon you and
   be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and
   give you peace.
In Christ Jesus' holy and precious name, amen.


Week of 7/11-15  (B28;16)

Applying Matthew 15:  Questioning A Contemporary 
                                         Tradition Of Men

Is the  explicit  Word of God (that is, what the Bible actually
states in black and white on the pages)  YOUR  final authority
for faith and practice?

Sincerely, it is so for us at Endurance Ministries.  (If you can 
show evidence to the contrary, please write to us!)

Having highlighted that fact - that the unadulterated Word of
God (vs. interpretations of His Word) is indeed our firm Truth
Foundation - please consider the following data (information
in the context of asking a few fair questions as a result of an
inductive Bible study in the literal versions on the word
"dispensation") by  CLICKING HERE.

Thank You heavenly Father for the ETERNAL Covenant in
Jesus Christ!  Thank You for the protective Counsel You offer
Your needy sheep in Your full Word!  We praise Your holy name.  
In the blessed name of Your exalted Son, Christ Jesus we pray.  


Week of 7/18-22  (B29;16)

A Response To A Recent Edition Of  Decision  Magazine

Did you give the recent (June) edition of  Decision Magazine  
a read-over?  Quite impressive as to expressions of end-time 
themes currently expressing themselves in global culture!

What a listing of contemporary events (as addressed in the
many articles of this Christ-honoring edition), all tied to themes
which the Bible states will take place prior to Jesus Christ's
glorious initial appearing.

If you've not experienced the blessing of reading this edition (of
Decision Magazine), please contact the folks at the Billy Graham
Association office and ask for a copy.  Or  CLICK HERE  to visit
their magazine web page.

End times are here today in ways never expressed since the
early Church.  We once again call true believers in Jesus Christ
to review the many (end-time) passages which speak to our
presentries (current cultural affairs).

Father God, we exalt Your holy name.  Please increase our discern-
ment whereby we better see the many false appeals unfolding today -
e.g., Preacher  comic and TV series.  May Your high-as-the-heavens
revelation continue to be our Truthful guide in this dark, satanic day.
May we, as we walk in Your Truths forever settled in heaven, be Your
lights which help people out of dark bondages.  Unto Your glory and
praise we pray, amen.


Week of 7/25-29  (B30;16)

A "Gift" From A Top Software Provider

A recent unsolicited-by-us upgrade to a new software version -
we use an older version of this company's program - serves to well
illustrate what is coming by way of world domination
 on the part of 
the global leadership
.  NB:  We are the registered owners  (as opposed 
to leasers) of a prior version of the software program.

Here's the picture:

For quite some time our software provider has been offering a free
upgrade to its next major version.  We have never agreed to this upgrade,
for personal reasons.  YET, just the other day, the upgrade software was
installed contrary to our wishes.  As we got on-line, the new software 
simply started loading up.  In light of the company's actions, we wish to
THANK THEM (the software company) for providing an excellent example
of what's coming on a global scale.  ...

Without our permission (concerning things in our possession and have
individual authority over - by way of making our own decisions on things we
legally own), the world, like this company's recent action, will mandate
we do things we do NOT want to do. 
 They are already applying growing
pressure to do so.

Be sure of this:  There will come a time in the not-so-distant future when 
further mandates (contrary to our [U.S.] Constitutional freedoms) will be
made.  A moral question rises at this juncture:

How are we to respond to evil actions, ones with which we do not agree
and cannot, before God, apply?

Have we, in our efforts at preparedness/readiness/watchfulness, drawn
the line which we will NOT cross when it comes to worldly bondages
which have eternal consequences?

The Word of God is CLEAR we cannot make certain concessions if we
expect to enter eternity in God's favorable light (that is, in relationship
with Him).  Are you aware of the lines in Scripture which you, if you are
a follower of Jesus Christ, CANNOT cross?  We sure hope so, for these
days (when the world will insist we submit to satan's dark rule) are truly
beginning to unfold as we write/speak.

May God be glorified as we His people endure in the essential things
He has clearly outlined for His Bride, the Church.  May we endure in
saying "NO" when the world insists we compromise ... or else!

Father God, oh how we praise You.  Your protective love for us is
indescribable.  Help us to seek it out by going to Your Word of Counsel
to us.  Help us to be like little children who simply follow the clear help
You have so graciously given due to Your deep loving care for us.  Help
us to throw off the many temptations to twist Your Word into something
it does not say.  Lord, please help us to be Your Ambassadors who 
truly and unashamedly represent You - for our best interest and even
more importantly, for Your glory and praise.  In Jesus Christ's holy
name we pray, amen. 


Week of 8/1-5  (B31;16)

On  False Teaching ...

There are those who say the doctrine of the tri-unity of God is
inferential and  not  found in Scripture.  Here's  explicit  evidence 
to the contrary:

1.  There are clear passages in the Bible teaching the eternal 
     Word, the Son, Jesus Christ, is God  (Ps. 45; John 1;
     Col. 2; Heb. 1)

2.  There are clear passages teaching the Holy Spirit is
     God's Spirit  (Gen. 1; Mt. 28; Rom. 8; Gal. 3,4; I Pet. 1;
     I Jn. 4)

3.  There are clear passages teaching  יהוה  Father is God
     (Ps. 89; Mt. 6; Jn. 10; Eph. 1; I Pet. 1; 2 Jn.)

In light thereof ...

There is an end-time view which teaches,  1) the word "trinity"
is not found in the Bible (yet this same viewpoint affirms the
doctrine of the trinity due to explicit Bible evidence)  AND 
which goes on to,  2) appeal for false analogy.  This view, we
believe, needs to be exposed, for God-exalting, Bible-affirming

Allow me to bring further clarification, please.

Some Pre-Trib authors, on occasion, commit  the fallacy of false
analogy  when it comes to this topic of the word "trinity," the doctrine
of the triune God and one end-time appeal - which they claim to be
true, in part, on the basis of analogy.

One way to express their misleading appeal is seen below:

P1  Although the word "trinity" is not explicitly stated in 
      Scripture, the doctrine of the tri-unity of God is true;

P2  While the Pre-Trib Rapture of the Church is not explicitly
      stated in Scripture (similar to [analogy] the issue of the trinity
      appeal in "P1" above), the Pre-Trib Rapture event [again:
      though not explicitly stated in Scripture] is also true;

C   Therefore, the Pre-Trib Rapture of the Church position should
      be considered to be one of the viable eschatological (end-time) 

BUT the above P1, P2, C appeal is a false analogy because the
doctrine of the tri-unity of God  IS  explicitly stated in Scripture 
whereas the Pre-Trib Rapture event and its related inferences
are not (found in Scripture).

Our Christ-honoring counsel at this juncture:

In light of the clear (I reiterate: explicit) Word of God, including
the passages which call us to biblical readiness/watchfulness,
please mark false teachers who would encourage a posture of
ill-preparedness due to their false claims.

We bring this blog because we sincerely CARE about  1) Bible
Truth  and,  in genuine love for YOU,  2) your best interest.

May God be honored as we lovingly obey the full Counsel 
of our LORD Jesus as He intended:

"What I say to you I say to all:  WATCH!"  (see Mark 13)

"Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up
your heads, because your redemption draws near."  (see
Luke 21)

Lord God, help us boldly speak Your Truths in love, even when
folks in some churches make appeals which would put us in 
harm's way  IF  we followed their wrong counsel.  Please help
us discern the many false interpretations of Your Word, ones
that are being taught in some churches today.  Help us to live
out one of the principles which sets us aside from the world:
We are people of Your Book, the Bible.  As we further conform
to the image of Your dear Son, please be honored and glorified
in these most precious expressions of our love for You.  In
Christ Jesus' holy name we pray, amen.


Week of 8/8-12  (B32;16)

On  The Full Counsel Of God's Word

There are some heralds who would call people to follow satan's*
message brought around 6,000 years ago:  Doubt and/or disobey
God and His Word
.  (see Genesis 3)

These heralds of false teaching would have us (those of us who
trust in God's faithful revelation) doubt.  They would seek to mis-
lead us to believe this lie:  The Word of God is not reliable.  Here's
one of the many deceptive appeals they make:

"Have you discovered the contradiction in Rev. 22:14?  Read the
ESV's rendering of this verse, then read the NKJV's translation of
the same.  You'll find two totally different messages!  So how in the
world can we trust God's alleged 'revelation' to us if we find the 
literal translations teaching very different messages?"

And yet, once again, IF one were to take the time to study this
issue out, the false claim (that the Bible contradicts itself and is
not reliable) would be exposed to be unsupported by the bigger-
picture facts.

In seeking to foster regular devotional reading of God's nurturing
Word, we bring this testimony:

A study of this topic of  having the right to the Tree of Life  is
mind-boggling!  It's awesome.  If you were to read related texts,
you would once again be so blessed by His love message to us.
Read the following passages and pull together the glorious 
message He has for us, His Bride in Christ:

Rev. 22:14 (read in both the ESV and the NKJV) ; 
Rev. 19:6-8, 14 ; Rev. 7:9-17 - NB: vs. 14 (especially noting
the  means  through which we are dressed in acceptable
clothing before Almighty God).  This is so cool.

AWESOME!  We are made clean by the "King of kings and Lord
of lords."  (Rev. 19:16)  This unfolds in  BOTH  His justifying Blood
(complete as to the forgiveness of sin)  AND  His ongoing works
of grace (e.g., I Cor. 15:10) in us as we are now new creatures in
Christ Jesus, those who abide in God's Vine and walk in His Spirit.
(John 15 ; Gal. 5 ; Rom. 5:1, 9 ; Gal. 2:20 ; II Cor. 9:8 ; Titus 2:11-14,
3:8  and others)

In this understanding, MANY Bible passages (RE: the FULL picture
of justification  before  and  by  God) make complete sense. 

So do a thorough study on the biblical doctrine of  justification  by
grace through faith and works, for the full Counsel of God's Word may
surprise you as to the more complete picture of how God outlines just
how one find the  right to the Tree of Life and is able to enter the City
by the gates
 - through the Savior, Christ Jesus, through a grace-based,
working faith that He is so kindly and so generously accomplishing in
us - Phil. 1:6.  In this context, Phil. 1:12, 13 ; Gal. 2:17 ("... while we
seek to be justified by Christ ...") ; II Pet. 1:10 ; James 2:14-26 and
other passages make complete sense.

As Douglas Moo has written, "A faith that has no works does not
work."  Or, as John Calvin even confessed centuries ago:  "It is faith
alone that justifies, but faith that justifies can never be alone."
(emphasis ours)   CLICK HERE  for references to these quotes.

Our point:  It's the Word of God (the FULL Counsel thereof)
which serves as our plumb line as to correct doctrine. 

Because there are many misleading doctrines of men (our Lord
Jesus called them "traditions" in Mt. 15!) in some churches today,
we encourage faithful yielding to the Word whereby we can rejoice
in  God's  more complete definitions of crucial doctrines which have
eternal effect. 

Father of lights, thank You that "one is justified by works and not by
faith alone."  Thank You that You graciously continue Your excellent
work in us.  Thank You that we are made right before You through
Christ Jesus alone!  Thank You that it's not by works of (our human)
righteous acts that allow us entrance into Your eternal Kingdom but
through Your beloved Son - our Savior.  We praise You, Father, that
Your Word - in its FULL or WHOLE revelation [Acts 20:27] - is ours to
which we have been called to submit as we express loving obedience
to You - John 14, 15.  We love You Father, because You first loved us.
Help us to love others through obedience to Your Word (I John 5:2).
Unto Your glory and praise as we pray in the holy name of Your Son,
Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  Amen

*  I do not capitalize his name intentionally.


Week of 8/15-19  (B33;16)  

With A Grateful Heart In Christ Jesus ...

It is with deep thanksgiving that we express praise to our Father
God for the accurate (that is, truthful) appeals we have made 
through the decades.  To date, by God's precious mercy and 
grace, we have been prophetically accurate as we herald God's
holy Word.  Praise be to the One Who alone is God most high.

I recall (almost two decades ago now) when we were directed
by the Lord to include the Psalms in our pertinent-to-end-times
reading list.  Since that time our eyes have been further opened as
to just how insightful and applicable these 150 gifts are to His people
in Christ Jesus - the Lord of lords.  God is so very good!

We have also enjoyed - again, by His mercy and grace - true
illumination as we have walked in His Spirit / abided in His dear
Vine.  In this setting, He has allowed us to be sincere watchmen who
speak His Truths which are so helpful to God's end-time Saints.  In
light of this glorifying-to-God testimonial ...

Dear Most High God, we express the themes of Daniel's prayer in
Daniel 9.  Help us to live in the  contrite-heart  mentality to which 
You've clearly called us.  Help us to confess our sins when we allow
the dark world to influence us in such ways as to bring defilement.
Thank You for I John 1:8-10.  We claim that which You have done
through Your Son almost two thousand years ago.  We claim His
forgiving act of the shedding of His blood and, in addition to enjoying
that righteous position in Him since our new birth, we go on to claim
day by day forgiveness as we continue to confess our iniquities 
before You.  Blessed be YHVH God.  In the name of Your beloved
Son, our Savior - Jesus Christ - we pray.  Amen


Week of 8/22-26  (B34;16)

Thus Says The Lord ...

Please read Jeremiah 28.

My how we thank Him for His revelation in this chapter.

In application, we say, as Jeremiah did millennia ago, "Amen!" 
(vs. 6)  and  then go on to affirm that which is also stated in the
prophet's response:  vv. 6-9.  And when contemporary-to-our-day
false promises of  peace and safety  fail to occur (e.g., the Pre-Trib
Rapture event), may those of us who faithfully herald God's Truths
which are forever settled in heaven persist in His Kingdom work,
pressing on in Christ-honoring, New-Covenant  speaking His
Truths in love  
by enduring in Bible appeal.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, please 
continue in His Word.  He has graced us with His incarnate
Word - AMEN -  and  His written Word.  The insights therein are
crucial  IF  we seek to continue on His path.  The many false 
appeals today are best discerned by His Word of Truth - guidance
which, as Isaiah and Peter state (under the influence of His Holy
Spirit), endures forever.

God of that which is True, THANK YOU for the Truth of Your Word.
Thank You that in Him we find salvation.  Thank You that in it we 
find revelation second to none in a day when many false teachers,
false christs and false prophets are most active.  Help us to regularly
feast on Your Word.  And by Your Spirit's leading in our lives, please
do  open our eyes so that we clearly see, understand and live out the
precious wonders therein
.  We praise You, oh King of glory, Creator
of heaven and earth and all things therein.  In Christ Jesus' holy and
glorious name we pray, amen.


Week of 8/29 - 9/2  (B35;16)

Entering A New Season

Awesome:  The book of Joel so speaks to our day!

~  Never before in human history has marriage been so
       satanically redefined by the secular world;

~  Never before in human history have we seen the fulfillments
       of so many Bible passages;

~  Never before are we discerning the days of the very end are 
       upon us!

The prophet Joel says it this way:  "Hear this, you elders, and give
ear, all you inhabitants of the land!  Has  anything like  this happened
in your days, or even in the days of your fathers?  Tell you children
about it,  let  your children tell their children, and their children 
another generation."  [ IF time allows for yet another generation given
our days of the end are about to manifest Daniel's 70th Week! ]

The  Day of the Lord  will begin  after  heavenly signs and wonders 
present themselves.  (Joel 2:30, 31; Matthew 24:29; Rev. 6:12, 13)
We, His prepared Saints, will NOT be caught off guard as will the
rest of the unbelieving world (I Thes. 5).  In fact, as we lovingly obey
our Savior (as to readiness/watchfullness), we will be prepared to
witness in tremendous ways.  As the Gospel will be shared globally,
then the end will come.  Praise God for His kind and generous
Counsel to those of us who allow His Word to say what it actually

Father of Lights, thank You for illuminating our path through Your
Word and through Your Spirit in our lives.  We need You so!  May
we walk in child-like humility and, by faith, rightly obey You whereby
we are protected from the  furnaces  of the days of the end  (see
Daniel 3).  Even if we find we are facing One like the Son of God 
in the presence of Your glory - that is, even if we are NOT saved
out of the fire but are martyred as we share in the sufferings of
Christ - please graciously allow us this perspective:  Our lives are
in Your safe hands, whatever befalls.  May the perspective which
Your Son has called us to (in John 16:1-3, 33) shine in sweet
abundance as we  endure.  Unto Your glory and praise we 
pray, amen. 


Week of 9/5-9  (B36;16)

Lies Come In MANY Forms 

"The epistle to the Laodiceans* has been discovered!  Like the
ancient Gnostic materials which have been uncovered the past
60 years, this long lost letter also describes yet another side of
Jesus - one which we need to emphasize today.  The New
Testament church has had its chance to change the world, now
it's our turn to do so through a more balanced CHRIST !"  [ * The
letter mentioned above being a distortion of the real  Letter to the
Laodiceans  of history. ]

While the above quote is fictional, I share it in light of one of the
MAJOR end-time  themes  which the Word of God predicts will
flourish during the days just prior to the return of the Lord of lords
and King of kings, Jesus Christ.  Perhaps you've already discerned
the lie above.  But if you haven't, it's most appropriate to disclose it

The  theme  of  deception  is often addressed in end-time Bible 
literature.  In fact, false teachers, false christs (e.g., the "christ" 
of the  Neo-Gnostics  today) and false prophets are actually 
instruments of deception and they are many today.


In the quote above, a fictional lie is told - that the ancient letter
of Paul the Apostle, to the church at Laodicea, was found.  While
we are not claiming this very event will be one of the end-time lies,
it will be lies of this nature, in part, that darkness will use to further
deceive the world which fails to evaluate cultural events in light of
God's precious Word.  They will tell you - as they told me in my
doctrinal program - that it's time for a new expression of Christ-
ianity, one that is more tolerant and all-inclusive.  Frankly, many
are already heralding this dark appeal.

This appeal, in its more mature form, will include a spiritual world-
view perspective that is anything but Christian/Biblical.  Their
message will include - in both explicit and implicit manner - this:

"Christians who take the Bible seriously (that is, those who appeal
for the Bible being taken at face value) are a major threat to the
world as it (the world) is becoming.  They are to be shunned from 
society, yes, they are to be marked and persecuted for their evil 
views and ways."

Does this scenario sound familiar, even today?  Yes, one expression
of the spirit of antichrist, in addition to the pseudo-academic appeals
of the Neo-Gnostics today, holds dominion over almost one fifth of
the world.  And what is  this  expression of the spirit of antichrist?
It is Islam, given the traditional Muslim view of Jesus Christ.  Please
scroll down to Blog  B16;15  for details.

And followers of this false god (Allah) and his prophet (Mohammed)
are indeed persecuting YHVH God's people - both Old Covenant
people who still need to embrace the Messiah, Jesus Christ  AND
New Covenant people in Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.  The
heralds of satanic lies are indeed rampant today.

So how should we live in light of these facts, facts that are clear
expressions of the lie of the spirit of antichrist?  And how should 
we live in light of the fruits of their beliefs (that is, actions) of
persecution against those who would stay true - who ENDURE 
in the Truths of Creator God? 

The myths within godless truth claims will continue to manifest
themselves - present fables mentioned  HERE).

These represent one expression of false teaching, false teaching
which the Lord Jesus Christ said would manifest before His return.

So again, how might we respond in ways that honor Father God
and which help protect His people during these dark days?

Here are a few God-honoring, protective actions we'd recommend
at this juncture:

1.  ENDURE in the faith as outlined by the Creator/Sustainer/Savior,
       Jesus Christ, in His New Covenant to us (that is, the biblical
       "New Testament");

2.  Use His Word to  DISCERN  the damning lies of the evil one;

3.  When we are then persecuted for righteousness' sake,  we
       suggest finding blessing in  REJOICING  ... in being 
       exceedingly glad;

4.  MODEL  a walk of peace, peace that transcends our under-
       standing.  In this humble confidence (in God's promises to
       us) we find sweet Hope;

5.  And, for the sake of emphasis, may we do what He's clearly
       mandated we do:  ENDURE!

Dear Lord Jesus, THANK You for saving us and for Your ongoing
acts of loving kindness to us by kindly and so abundantly allowing
us to walk in grace as we are about Your Kingdom things.  Thank
You for Your Spirit - the Holy Spirit.  We praise You for the blessings
that are ours as we Ambassador on your behalf during these days
just prior to Your glorious return!  We bless Your holy name.  Even
so, please come quickly dear Lord!  Amen


Week of 9/12-16  (B37;16)   [ FB ]

Mistakes Through MIS-Definition 

Have you  honestly  taken the time to seek (through study of
the explicit Word) the  biblical  definitions of the following words
and phrase?  (The answers you find,  IF  you allow the primary
Source - that is, the actual data of the Word, may surprise you!)

For Truth's sake, we encourage a  biblical  study of the following
words and phrase:

1.  dispensation
2.  tribulation  (by way of example,  CLICK HERE)
3.  wrath
4.  Daniel's 70th Week
5.  faith
6.  justify
7.  works

If you would like us to send you results of our inductive studies
(ones which are committed to the search for the answers based
on the unadulterated Word of God), please use our "Contact Us"
link above.  Simply ask that we send you some of the documents
we have on the word studies above.  Again, given the cultural
aspects of American Christianity, the results - the actual facts
as to how the Bible defines the words and phrase above - may
surprise you!

WHY is it we make this appeal?  Because popular end-time
views occasionally base their positions on definitions of end-time 
words that are actually NOT found explicitly stated in the Bible -
our authority for faith and practice.  This concern is  HUGE  if
one really wants a  Bible-centered eschatology.

Dear precious Father God, we love You.  Thank You for first loving
us in Your holy Lamb Who takes away the sin of the world.  Help 
us in our devotional times with You.  Help us to discern Your Word
correctly as we yield to Your illuminating Spirit within those who are
Yours.  Father, thank You for the sweet abundance in Your Son!  In
His name, in Christ Jesus' name we pray, amen.


Week of 9/19-23  (B38;16)

Our 2016 Reading Schedule (October - December)

By God's precious grace, He has given us His Counsel of light
and life in order to navigate the worst  storm  in the history of
mankind.  We so encourage you to seek His instruction during
these days just prior to His Son's glorious initial appearing.

October 1     Luke 1
October 2     Luke 2
...  etc.  ...
October 23   Luke 23
October 24   Luke 24
October 25   I John 1
October 26   I John 2
October 27   I John 3
October 28   I John 4
October 29   I John 5
October 30   II John
October 31    III John

November 1     Psalm 71
November 2     Psalm 72
...  etc.  ...
November 29   Psalm 99
November 30   Psalm 100

December 1    Matthew 24
December 2    Matthew 25
December 3    Mark 13
December 4    Luke 12
December 5    Luke 17
December 6    Luke 21
December 7    John 14
December 8    John 15
December 9    John 16
December 10  John 17
December 11   I Thessalonians 1
December 12   I Thes. 2
December 13   I Thes. 3
December1 4   I Thes. 4
December 15   I Thes. 5
December 16   II Thes. 1
December 17   II Thes. 2
December 18   II Thes. 3
December 19   Titus 2
December 20   Jude
December 21   Daniel 1
December 22   Daniel 2
December 23   Daniel 3
December 24   Daniel 4
December 25   Daniel 5
December 26   Daniel 6
December 27   Daniel 7 & 8
December 28   Daniel 9
December 29   Daniel 10
December 30   Daniel 11
December 31    Daniel 12

Father God, THANK YOU for Your holy Word to us.
We are grateful children who seek to be those who
not only hear  Your Word but obey it, too.  Unto Your
glory and praise we do so, in Christ Jesus' sweet
name, amen.


Week of 9/26-30  (B39;16)   [ FB ]

Another "Mystery" Discerned

There are multiple "mysteries" spoken of in Scripture.  In this blog
we are uncovering the one mentioned in I Corinthians 15:51, 52.
Are you  sitting down  as to the insight brought in the solving of 
this mystery (to those still listening to the deep things of God)?
We sure hope so.  And don't neglect application of the wisdom
offered in the discovery of this end-time treasure!

"Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit
the kingdom of God; nor does corruption inherit incorruption.
Behold, I tell you a  mystery :  We shall not all sleep, but we 
shall all be changed - in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
at the  last  trumpet.  For the trumpet will sound, and the dead
will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed."
(I Cor. 15:51, 52 ; NKJV ; emphases ours)  Please see our
concluding "Note" below.)

In the following  thus says the Lord  revelation, we find
crucial Counsel as to  how we now should live ...

As the sixth trumpet of Revelation 9 comes to an end, we 
find there is an unleashing of seven thunders - chapter 10.
We then find this:

"The angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land
raised up his hand to heaven and swore to Him who lives
forever and ever, who created heaven and the things that 
are in it, the earth and the things that are in it, and the sea
and the things that are in it, that there should be delay no
longer, but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel,
[ that is, the blowing of the final trumpet in this - and only! - 
series of eschatological trumpet blasts in all of Scripture ]
when he is about to sound, the  mystery  of God would be 
finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets."
(Revelation 10:5-7 ; NKJV ; emphasis and bracket ours)

There you have it!  The discerning of the mystery of I Cor. 15
(including the  timing  of the gathering of His Saints - the
rapture) is disclosed in Revelation 10.  Note the mystery is
"finished"  just prior to the sounding of the seventh angel - that
is, "when he is about to sound" (vs. 7)!  Those in Christ who 
remain - who are not martyred during the tribulation period ; 
those who survive unto the I Thes. 4:13-18 event - will discern 
the time (during the seven thunders) and will shortly thereafter 
be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last 
 ... the seventh trumpet of Revelation 11.

What a mystery!  What a privilege, in light of the full Counsel
of God's Word, to be discerning these days of the end.  May
our God grant His elect in Christ Jesus to shine TODAY, 
during these days just prior to this awesome time before the
Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering ... before the return of 
Jesus Christ for His Saints! 

Father God, I praise YOU for Your precious revelation to us!
Thank You for gracing us with Your insight in these days prior
to Your Son's glorious appearing.  [ Mt. 24:30 ; Rev. 6:14-17 ]
Help us to endure as Your Word in Rev. 12:11 and 14:12 calls.
Thank You for Your kindness in sharing Your end-time know-
ledge with us.  As we - those of us who survive the period of
the Saints' overcoming [ Daniel 7:21, 25 ; Rev. 13:7 ] - as we
hear the voices of the seven thunders unfold, we will know our
gathering together  [ II Thes. 2 ; Mt. 24:31 - επισυναγωγης ; 
επισυναξουσι ] is imminent.  Yes Lord, while we do not know 
the day nor the hour, we will know Your gathering up of Your
Saints in Christ Jesus will be imminent at the close of the
thunderings.  We PRAISE You, oh  God of glory, God of grace.
Help us Lord, to seek Thy face.  You Who dwell above the 
earth; You Who gave us second birth:  God of glory, God of
grace, help us Lord to seek Thy face!  In Jesus Christ's 
glorious name we pray, amen. 

Note:  There is only one series of  end-time  trumpet blasts
described in the Bible.  This series of trumpets is found in
Revelation 8 - 11.  Our definition of I Cor. 15's "last trumpet"
is a biblical one, promoting His Truths unto His glory and
praise  and  speaking to our best interests.

4th Quarter Blogs


Week of 10/3-7  (B40;16)

A Loving Gift:  Truthful Prophetic Insight

In light of the full Counsel of the Word of God, we - those of us
who listen to the actual revelation from the One Who knows the
future - are most privileged people in His mercy and grace.  He
has kindly given us His insight as to the days ahead.  Here is
another end-time event which we believe will be unfolding this
next decade:

The Covenant of Daniel 9 will go into effect.

During this major transition - as we venture into the 70th Week
of Daniel - some (false prophets) will declare this is NOT the
beginning of the 70th Week.  Others will, in a positive tone, en-
courage the building of the new temple due to their imbalanced
devotion to Israel and the Old Covenant.

Sometime around the making of the Covenant of Dan. 9, the regular 
sacrifices (and/or offerings) will be cut off ... for half the week.
From the taking away of the daily offerings until the setting up
of the Abomination of Desolation, there will be 1,290 days.

Our Lord Jesus picks up the end-time scenario when He declares
great tribulation  will then occur.  But, by the mercy and grace of
God, it will be cut short.  Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those
days, the astronomical signs will amaze the world.  While still in awe
of what had just happened, the world will then see the Sign of the
Son of Man as the sky scrolls apart.  Those who have been a part
of global persecution against God's Saints in Christ  and  against
God's Old Covenant people will shudder.  The 7th Seal will then
be opened, allowing the seven angels to blow the trumpets which
they had received.  During this time the Saints who remain will need
to continue in their resolve (with the help of God's precious Spirit)
to persevere - during the time of the trumpet blasts.  We will need
to discern, as our Lord Jesus has Counseled, the false teachings of 
those who say  he is here  ...  he is there.  Then, the sweet gathering
of the Saints will take place (at the sounding of the 7th and final
trumpet of Rev. 11). 

What a glorious day that will be for all those who are asleep in
Christ  and  for those who are in Christ but who have endured
through the time of the overcoming of the Saints (those who
remain until the coming of Jesus Christ for His Church).

So where does this leave us?

In a state of awe as to how accurate His Word is concerning the
days of the end.  As He was so  right on  about the predictions
He had given Daniel (concerning the world leaders which would
follow King Nebuchadnezzar), so too is His prophetic Word
accurate concerning the end of days, including OUR days
which are filled with prophetic fulfillment.  What a day to be
living for God most High and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ -
King of kings and Lord of lords.

Abba Father, You are so kind to humanity which has been 
created in your image.  And yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg
given our Fall.  You then went on to manifest Your love for us like
the world has never seen matched.  Your beloved Son came to
atone for the sins of the world.  THANK YOU for delivering those
who would accept this love gift from You.  Help those of us who
have done so - who have received Your provision of forgiveness
of sin through Your Son - to walk the walk of endurance during
these deceptive days.  Unto Your glory and praise, in Christ
Jesus we pray.  Amen


Week of 10/10-14  (B41;16)

Prophetic Anticipation

In light of Bible information (especially as presented in this
end-time chart ), what can we expect to unfold  prior to  the
making of the Daniel 9 Covenant?  (Note:  1-6 below is not
necessarily listed in chronological order.)

1.  False anti- YHVH God teaching will continue and will be 
      widely embraced;
2.  The continued unfolding of the 2nd Seal, bringing further
      unrest as a result of peace being taken from the earth;
3.  Scarcity of food - even to the degree of global famine - will
      affect billions;
4.  Growing hatred for followers of Jesus Christ will accelerate.
      This will manifest itself in many ways - e.g., calls to compro-
      mise toward lukewarmness (that is, new pressures to fall
      away), dark misrepresentation, even murderous acts;
5.  The effects of II Timothy 3:1-5 will further foster hate for truth
      and love - note well:  Truth and Love as defined by Creator
6.  A world leader will come on the scene, one who the earth
      dwellers will not only follow but will also worship ... YES, this
      is the one who the Word of God calls the "antichrist."

Given popular end-time fables and myths, we should also fore-
warn - so as to expose false-hope teachings - regarding what
won't  happen between now and the signing of the Daniel 9

1.  The true Church of God in Christ Jesus His Son will  not  
      depart from the faith but will continue living out the end time
      qualities to which we've been called (e.g., holiness, God-loving
      obedience, endurance, sound doctrine, etc.);
2.  The rapture gathering of the Church will  not  take place.  (It
      won't take place until AFTER the tribulation, the heavenly signs
      and the trumpet judgments.  The final trumpet rapture gathering
      will take place prior to the pouring out of God's bowls of wrath
      upon the earth.);
3.  The economic, political and other global crises will  not  go
      undiscerned by the True Church of God in Jesus Christ;
4.  Followers of Jesus Christ will  not  cave in to the pressures from
      apostate churches and church leaders - the deceived 
      christian  community;
5.  The True Church of Christ Jesus will persist in praising God and 
      will rejoice in their  tribulations  (view "CLICK HERE" in blog
      B37;16 above).  We will  not  neglect the worship of the one true 
      God as we walk through the dark valleys of the end of days;
6.  God's (eternal) New Covenant people in Christ will  not  fail to
      continue in  Gospel  evangelism.

"But what then?!  What will happen  after  the event of the making of
the Daniel 9 Covenant?"  some have asked.

Please visit this  link.

Precious omniscient, holy Father God, we bow before You and 
shout, "Blessed be!"  [ Eph. 1:3 ]  Thank You - by faith in Your
sure promises before the fact - THANK YOU for graciously allowing
us discerning endurance through these times.  We praise Your holy
name.  In Jesus Christ's dear name we pray, amen.


Week of 10/17-21  (B42;16)   [ FB ] 

Our  BEST  Handouts

[ Note:  Our updated (2019) "best" handouts are now posted  here. ]

In God's precious mercy and grace, He has allowed us to pull
together edifying handouts over the years.  Some of you have
asked for a list of these (as opposed to finding them scattered
through our many web sites).

While we do list some of these quality resources at other web
locations, we've decided to respond to the requests (to list
these tools) and to provide access to them here.  ENJOY,
and please share them with others!

An explicitly biblical  end-time CHART

A biblical definition  of The Day of the Lord

A Bible study   sheet on Matt. 24:3-31 (Bible chronology)

A diagram  of KEY end-time events according to Daniel

A creative presentation  on Bible chronology:  WAVES

A word study  on "tribulation"

A practical guide  to end-time living

Other  end-time perspectives

WHY  we should reevaluate end-time perspectives

Confronting Traditions  of men

Faith & Works   Handouts

The Spirit of Antichrist

Another presentation  of end-time Bible chronology

FUTURE  end-time stories

Precious God of Truth, we praise You for Your Word.  It is indeed
a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.  In addition to Your
written Word, Father, we also praise You for Your incarnate Word,
Your Son - God with us - Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  May 
Your Spirit have Your way in our lives unto Your glory and praise.  
In Christ Jesus' holy name we pray, amen.


Week of 10/24-28  (B43;16)

Sometimes Heroes Have Feet Of Clay

Have you heard and/or seen the news reports of those who
make (dark) Joker/clown appearances?  To some, the actual 
(that is, the real life)  figure  represented in these Joker images 
is their hero.

How SAD ... sad because this upcoming hero of fallen humanity
will be the antichrist!  The rule of this hero will eventually be filled 
with great evil, evil like the world has never experienced, though
initially what will be promised will sound glorious and will even
appear wonderful given the miraculous signs and wonders this
false savior accomplishes.

Great News for those who commit to and follow the One True
God:  This soon-to-appear  hero of lost humanity  has feet of clay.
His rule will be dark but it will be temporary.  It will be replaced with
YHVH God's eternal rule.  "Blessed be the God and Father of our
Lord Jesus Christ."

Please read Daniel 2 in order to set God's Counsel in proper context.

The final global kingdom of fallen man, antichrist and the dragon will
be overcome by the LORD of lords and KING of kings, Jesus Christ.
He is the Stone and when the Stone is  thrown,  He will begin His
glorious millennial reign.  May Yahweh God alone be praised.

Yes, one day Jesus Christ will put an end to all human rule.  Given
the current politics of our day, we LONG for this victory.  And what
a  Day  it will be!

Father God, we so welcome the Day of Christ !  Please bring on Your
Son's initial appearing soon.  Until then, please help us be Your faithful
ambassadors who accurately represent Your beloved Son in every step
we take, in every word we speak and in every thought we think.  Help
us, through Your Spirit's moving, to be those living sacrifices which
You've called us to be ... unto Your glory and praise.  In Jesus
Christ's majestic name we pray, amen.


Week of 10/31 - 11/4  (B44;16) 

Even So, Come Lord Jesus!

You've most likely heard this as a joke:

"Under Democrats, people exploit people;
under Republicans, it's just the opposite!"

We would add this:

Under Libertarians, people exploit people;
and yes, even under Constitutionalists, it's
just the opposite - people exploit people.

But is this a laughing matter, really?

It is NOT ... or at least shouldn't be given
how bad it's gotten ... so sad.    "But God ..."

One day soon, Jesus Christ will return and set up
God's millennial rule.  In this context, global rule will
be the BEST it's ever been since the dawn of human
government (only thousands of years ago).

But even in this millennial rule of Christ, things won't
be PERFECT due to the lingering presence of darkness.
But God  will even see the remaining evil to its proper 
place:  the Lake of Fire.  At this time - after the final
judgment - all will exist in their "eternal state."

It's CRUCIAL to be found in Him - in Jesus Christ - at
the day of accounting before the Great White Thrown.

Even so, please come quickly Lord Jesus!  Amen


Week of 11/7-11  (B45;16)

Blogs Turned Radio Broadcasts

In 2012 we started making regular radio broadcasts through
Heart of the Savior Ministries.  We continue, by our Lord's 
mercy and grace, to be invited back every month for new radio
sessions.  These radio opportunities lead us to make this appeal:

Catch our "Thus Says The Lord" broadcast live  this Saturday (11/12) 
at 10:30 a.m.  Simply go to  www.truetalk800.com  and click the 
"LISTEN LIVE"  link for the half-hour message.

IF you miss Saturday's broadcast, you can also catch the same
session at  www.heartofthesaviorministries.org  but you'll have
to wait until it's posted in December.  Just go to the "Broadcasts"
page and you'll find the link.

"Thus Says The Lord" appeals are made on the basis of God's
explicit Word.  In light thereof, we take JOY in this expression of
discipleship ministry to His Saints in Jesus Christ our sure Hope.

Remember:  It is  God's MESSAGE  that's the important thing,
NOT the messenger who brings it.

Father, thank You for YOU!  We delight in You, the One true God.
Help us honor You by aiding us in hearing AND heeding Your kind
revelation to us.  Thank You for the precious Counsel You extend
therein.  Please honor Your great name as Your Son's followers
continue in their living-sacrifice offerings.  May those who are
especially experiencing the sufferings of Christ  further discern
Your close presence as they JOYFULLY endure.  Unto Your
glory and praise we pray ... in Christ Jesus' name, amen.


Week of 11/14-18  (B46;16) 

On Balancing Crucial Bible Themes

Concerning qualities of our eternal Creator,  J. Oswald Sanders
brings this practical, theological advice:

"It is the teaching of Scripture that there are two principles in God,
the proper relation between which must be born in mind in our
theology.  They are the principles of love and justice.  The former
desires to save sinners.  But since God is the eternal infinite, and
ethically perfect being, He cannot and will not violate the latter.  
Some way must be found for mercy and justice to meet and this
they did in the transaction of the cross."  (pg. 230 in the chapter,
"The Atoning Work of Christ" in his book, The Incomparable Christ)

Dear Christian, God  never  asks us to compromise the faith for
evangelistic purposes.

A friend of mine expressed feeling pressure from a  campus 
  who now agrees with the U.S. Supreme Court's definition
of marriage.  "We need to accept this so we can grow friendship
with others whereby we can then gain their listening ear" was the
main emphasis of appeal to my friend.

This perspective (of this campus minister) is not only flawed, it is
dangerous - even to the one holding it.  Why?

Because the pit into which this (possibly well-intended) person 
has fallen is  lukewarm  in the eyes of the One who saves.  But it
doesn't stop at lukewarmness!  Consequences ensue.  Many
who fail to repent of moral apostasy will be told (by the Judge):
"I never know you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness."
(see Mt. 7 where Christ Jesus more thoroughly outlines the good
qualities of a true believer)  The quote immediately above is taken
from verse 23 in the NKJV.

We must correctly balance crucial Truths in light of the full Counsel
of the Word of God, for  half-truths  are often used by darkness to
deceive.  In application ...

Q:  On what grounds do we say "amen" to the love of God?  (for
       example, as highlighted in John 3:16)
A:  On the basis of the Word of God

Q:  On what grounds do we say "amen" to the expectations of
       God's applied qualities of justice and holiness in us, His
       people in Christ Jesus?  (for one most practical example,
       see Mt. 7:13,14)
A:  On the basis of the Word of God

It's a  both/and  thing.

Does the above serve as an example of flawed circular reasoning
(RE: the epistemic basis of our appeal)  OR  is this simply, due to
the reality of Supreme Creator God, a gracious  reality check  from
the same (and Savior) God?

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are
perishing, but to us who are  being saved  it is the power of God."
(I Cor. 1:18 ; NKJV ; emphasis ours)

Almighty YHVH God, Your Counsel to us is most clear:  One is
without justification for rejecting You.  Indeed, those who do so are
without excuse.  Father, save, we pray, the lost lambs who are still
open to Your Spirit's ministry of softening hearts.  Father, protect,
we pray, those who are in the process of being saved.  Help us
ENDURE as You have so mandated.  Lord God, we PRAISE YOU
for both Your loving grace and Your holy justice.  In the sweet 
name of Immanuel our Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen 


Week of 11/21-25  (B47;16)

Our LORD Jesus Has Not Yet Come; Our LORD Jesus Will Not Come ...

Fact based on God's sure Word - thus says the Lord ...

     Jesus Christ has not yet returned in 2016 nor will He return in 2017.

Does this excuse us from  ready expectancy ?    [ Another  Handout ]
     Absolutely not!  In fact, as we see end-time signs unfold, we are
     Counseled to "look up" because our redemption draws near.  Lk. 21

Does our Lord's delay mean we're not to be  longing for His coming ?
     It's just the opposite!  As wickedness grows to the proportion of
     the days of Noah and Lot (see Lk. 17), we cry out even more
     passionately:  "Please come quickly Lord Jesus!"

Does His patient enduring allow us to put off  Ambassadoring
(e.g., salt & light; Gospel & discipleship efforts) on His behalf ?
     To the contrary, we abound, in HIS strength, in these God-
     honoring priorities!

Father God, we express our sincere gratitude to You.  [ take a 
moment to express  yours  at this time, after all, it's the sweet
THANKSGIVING Season ]   Help us be  ready  as You have so
outlined.  Help us further  long for  Your Son's glorious return.
Help us to be Your [faithful (obedient), loving, truthful*] adopted
Representatives  in Christ Jesus during this betrothal period 
which we're in.  In our Savior's great name we pray, amen.

*  John's material in the New Testament is SO encouraging along
    these lines!  (see the Gospel of John, I,II,III John & Revelation)


Week of 11/28 - 12/2  (B48;16)   [ FB ]

Dangerous End-Time Teachings Within Some Churches - Part 2

The following is a projection given some of the false teachings today.

1.  Some will deny the upcoming global leader is the antichrist (for
       various reasons);
2.  Some will encourage the believing community to join the "revival"
       which this spiritual leader pretends to (i.e., deceitfully) offer;
3.  Some will use  support for Israel  and the upcoming  Temple 
       Project  to justify concession during this round of deception;
4.  Some will call for application of biblical appeals, appeals like the
       Nazis made to some Christians during WWII.  These accusers
       will deny the full Counsel of the Word of God but will use some
       Bible principles to promote their lord's dark agenda (e.g., "You
       are suppose to obey the state!");
5.  Some will use false end-time teachings within some churches
       to try to warrant the taking of the mark.

Our counsel in response:  Read HIS Counsel on these crucial 
matters!  (We post, here on this site, quarterly reading schedules
of end-time Bible prophecy for your benefit.)

Father God to Whom we will ALL give account, grace us, please,
with Your Spirit's illumination whereby we can walk through the
tribulation of these days.  Thank You for  ENDURANCE  in Christ
 !  As we walk in Your/His Spirit, may patient endurance be
one of the many God-honoring fruits we bear as a result of abiding
in Your Vine.  In His holy and precious name we pray, amen.


Week of 12/5-9  (B49;16)

The JOY Of The Lord Is Our Strength

Shortly after the finishing of the rebuilding of the wall around the
city of Jerusalem, while the people of Israel continued to face
opposition, they gathered together and heard readings from the
Book of the Law of Moses.  Those who read went on to tell the
people who wept (at the reading of the Word), "This day is holy
to the LORD your God, do not mourn nor weep."  Nehemiah then
went on to say, "... Do not sorrow, for the joy of the LORD is your
strength."  After the Levites quieted the people, they "went their
way to eat and drink, to send portions and rejoice greatly, because
they understood the words [of the Law when explained] that were
declared to them."  (see Nehemiah 8)

To some imbalanced Evangelicals (who fail to walk in the PEACE 
and JOY of God due to disbelief in God's precious Counsel):  

    Read, take heart in, and heed God's faithful promises to us as
    outlined in His Word.  Though we walk through the valleys of 
    end-time shadows of death, put your emotions to  joyful rest  
    in light of God's sure Word.

To some imbalanced Evangelicals who fail to walk in the PEACE
and JOY of God due to shortcomings in yielding to (e.g., listening
to) God's Holy Spirit:

    Walk in the Spirit and better live out the abundant Life the Spirit
    of Christ Jesus so graciously imparts.  This includes the fruits of 
    His peace and joy!

(RE: the "imbalances" above, we find [BOTH] some believers who
emphasize the Word of God  but  who neglect the Spirit of God  AND
we find some believers who emphasize the Spirit of God  but  who
neglect of explicit Word of God.  Are we, His people, humble enough
to acknowledge the imbalances in our personal lives?  We hope so, for
humility in this context is a good thing!)  "BALANCE" is a big word.

Let's make 2017 (doing OUR part in Christ as God faithfully does His -
Phil. 2:12,13!) the year we SHINE as the growing fires of tribulation from
the world and from spiritual darkness rage.  May we, like Polycarp* of old,
relish in our personal experiences of the sufferings of Christ ... unto His
glory and praise.  (see Acts 4 & 5 ; I Peter ; Mt. 5:3-12 ; Revelation 12:11
& 14:12.)

Soon-coming King, we thank You for the JOY and PEACE You so
graciously extend through Your Word and Your Spirit.  Help us to walk
in the Counsel we find therein.  May we affirm both Your written Word 
and Your Spirit's key role in our lives.  Unto Your glory and praise - 
blessed be!  In Christ Jesus' sweet name we pray, amen.

*  We will send you a free DVD copy of Polycarp's example of joyful
    endurance  IF  you make request for this resource.  Simply snail-
    mail us at Endurance Ministries ; P.O. Box 92098 ; Portland, OR
    97292  and  enclose $5 for shipping and handling costs.  Be sure
    to include your snail-mail address.  Note:  This offer is only available
    to U.S. residents currently living in the 50 states.  For our many
    readers who reside abroad, we thank you for your kind under-
    standing as to our limitations in this regard.


Week of 12/12-16  (B50;16)

WHY We Emphasize "Readiness"

We emphasize biblical preparedness  in light of God's very call
to do so, especially during the days prior to the initial appearing
of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The most thorough and CLEAREST articulation of the  days of
the end  
are found in Matthew 24 & 25.  The insights graciously
given by our Lord Jesus are set in the context of chronology
(vv. 4-31), though He kindly goes on to further illumine how  
we are to walk through the days of the end (in Mt. 24:32 - 25:30)
by giving parabolic appeals, ones which highlight important
aspects of  walk  during this time.

If you were to simply take time to read His  how shall we now
  instruction to us - read Mt. 24:32 - 25:30 - you would find
lamp-unto-our-feet  guidance so needed today.  Would you 
give this precious part of His love letter to us a read over, even
if it would be review?  You would be edified and most encouraged
in the caring Counsel He offers His sheep in need.

In addition to highlighting the love of Christ for us, we wish to
mention another reason  why  we emphasize this call to be

We call for readiness because we, by God's mercy and grace,
genuinely care!  It is this God-given love for others which really
does motivate our making appeals to heed our Lord's clear
instruction along these lines.

So, "WHY do we emphasize 'readiness' ?"

Because it's the  RIGHT  thing to do!

Holy Father, Your Counsel is miraculous!  We PRAISE Your
dear name for revealing to us  CRUCIAL  things we need in 
order to shine forth Your glory during the days of the end.
Sweet God of glory, thank You for helping us to be just what
You've called us to be:  READY.  Thank You for disclosing 
needed insight to us in Your Word.  We exalt You.  We come
into Your holy presence through Jesus Christ Your Son - our
precious Savior.  Amen


Week of 12/19-23  (B51;16)

Our 2017 Reading Schedule (January - March)

January 1    Revelation 1 
January 2    Rev. 2 
January 3    Rev. 3 
... etc.  ... 
January 21    Rev. 21 
January 22    Rev. 22 
January 23    Mark 13
January 24    Matthew 24
January 25    Matthew 25
January 26    Luke 12
January 27    Luke 17
January 28    Luke 21
January 29    I Thessalonians 4
January 30    I Thessalonians 5
January 31    II Thessalonians 2

February 1   Psalm 101
February 2   Psalm 102 
February 3   Psalm 103 
...  etc.  ... 
February 27    Psalm 127 
February 28    Psalm 128

March 1   John 1 
March 2   John 2 
March 3   John 3 
... etc.  ... 
March 20    John 20 
March 21    John 21 
March 22    I Peter 1 
March 23    I Peter 2 
March 24    I Peter 3 
March 25    I Peter 4 
March 26    I Peter 5 
March 27    II Peter 1 
March 28    II Peter 2
March 29    II Peter 3
March 30    Psalm 129
March 31     Psalm 130

Kind Abba God, continue to transform us into the image of 
Your beloved Son as we fellowship with You through the
devotional reading of Your Word of Truth.  THANK YOU
God Most High.  THANK YOU for Your love for us.  By
Your mercy and grace, we love You too!  In Christ Jesus'
holy name we pray.  Amen


Week of 12/26-30  (B52;16)

Our Year-End Blog

Our Lord's example prayer (which He taught His followers to
pray) is a wonderful way to close our 2016 blogs.

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy Kingdom come ; Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses as we 
forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the Kingdom and the power 
and the glory forever and ever.  Amen

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